Detecting the Currently Selected Theme in Microsoft Word

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public String getContentType()
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CHAPTER 18: Backup and Fault Tolerance
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Figure 3-7. Connecting the Morning branch
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Before running any tests, you will need to do a little preparation work to be able to examine the details of the execution plans that the optimizer is going to produce.
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Toast Notifications
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CHAPTER 17: Network Scanning, Intrusion Detection, and Intrusion Prevention Tools
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In this chapter, we examined the XML serialization process in detail. The .NET Framework itself uses serialization in many places including remoting and web services. There are two flavors of serialization: binary serialization and XML serialization. You can serialize object state in XML format by using the XmlSerializer and SoapFormatter classes. The former serializes data in plain XML, whereas the latter serializes it in SOAP format. The serialization provided by XmlSerializer is shallow, whereas that provided by SoapFormatter is deep. The serialization and deserialization process can be customized with the help of various attributes. XML serialization is extensively used in XML web services. Most of the time the web service framework of .NET shields you from manual work, but behind the scenes it makes heavy use of XML serialization. You are going to learn about XML web services in the next chapter.
Figure 13-5. Handling a specific ADO.NET exception
These provide extensions to the JavaScript Error objects that provide exception details and different application compilation modes. The extension contains a number of error types that you can raise:
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