Adding Code to Draw an Elliptical Shape in Office Word

Insert QR Code in Office Word Adding Code to Draw an Elliptical Shape

Console.WriteLine("Client.Main(): Will call getName()"); String name = obj.GetName(); Console.WriteLine("Client.Main(): received name {0}",name); DateTime end = System.DateTime.Now; TimeSpan duration = end.Subtract(start); Console.WriteLine("Client.Main(): Execution took {0} seconds.", duration.Seconds); Console.ReadLine(); } } } As the calls to the long-running methods GetName() and SetValue() are expected to take roughly five seconds each, and you have to add a little overhead for .NET Remoting (especially for the first call on a remote object), this example will take more than ten seconds to run. You can see that this assumption is right by looking at the client s output in Figure 3-15. The total client execution takes 12 seconds. When looking at the server s output in Figure 3-16, note that all methods are called synchronously. Every method is finished before the next one is called by the client.
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Figure 6-20. Setting the ASP .NET version on the server
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Figure 1-4. The DOM representation of an XML document SAX-based parsers do not read the entire XML document into memory at once. They essentially scan the document sequentially from top to bottom. When they encounter various parts of the document, they raise events, and you can handle these events to read the document. SAX parsers are read-only parsers, which means you cannot use them to modify an XML document. They are useful when you want to read huge XML documents and loading such documents into memory is not advisable. These types of parsers are also called event-based parsers.
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Encryption Membership Profile Role Management Session Management Site Map Web Events Web Parts
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WP-DB Backup lists all the tables it can find in the database. Here, you can see it lists both the WordPress tables and the phpBB tables that happened to be installed in the same database. The plug-in automatically selects all the standard WordPress tables and provides check boxes to allow you to include any other tables with the backup. For now, leave the default backup option to download to your computer selected and click the Backup! button. If all goes well (and there s no reason why it shouldn t), you should see the Backup Progress page, as shown in Figure 18-2.
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Note Including .NET code is an advanced topic and outside the scope of this book. For more information,
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How It Works
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will often overwrite the free space that a deleted file inhabits. Additionally, as users of Data Rescue X will painfully note, recovered files are often missing things, such as file names. You can select two options in the Salvage window: Free Space Only and Search for Embedded Files. The Free Space Only check box will limit the search to free space on the hard drive, or to space that was possibly marked as free when a Secure Empty Trash operation has occurred, but has not yet been overwritten by files. The Search for Embedded Files check box will attempt to search within other files for files matching your search criteria.
int retVal = UIApplicationMain(argc, argv, nil, nil);
public void updateTimesheet(final Timesheet timesheet) { try { transactionManager.begin(); timesheetDao.update(timesheet); emailDao.sendTimesheetUpdate(timesheet); transactionManager.commit(); } catch( final RuntimeException e ) { transactionManager.rollback(); throw e; } } Spring allows us to avoid all of this boilerplate code by using declarative transaction management. We use an annotation and/or a configuration file to state which methods of which classes should be treated as transactional.
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