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create sequence t1_seq ; create or replace procedure t1_load(i_tag varchar2) as m_date date; begin for i in 0..25 loop -- 26 days m_date := trunc(sysdate) + i; for j in 1..200 loop -- 200 rows per day insert into t1 values( m_date, t1_seq.nextval, i_tag || j -- used to identify sessions ); commit; dbms_lock.sleep(0.01); -- reduce contention end loop; end loop; end; / rem rem rem rem
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Sometimes, however, people just know they want to get involved in database administration. That was certainly the case for me. Most others tend to fall into the role by accident. They find themselves doing a few administrative tasks here and there, and before they know it they are doing more and more. You will find that there are many paths to becoming a DBA. Getting there can be seen as either an impossible journey or as a journey you did not even know was happening. If you are looking to become a DBA and feel as if you are not being given an opportunity, then you need to take matters into your own hands. Start finding opportunities to get yourself the necessary skills. There is a wealth of free training available online these days. There is also plenty of training available for a fee. I would always advise anyone to get as much hands-on experience as possible, in addition to any training offered through books and manuals. Plus you can always donate your time to local organizations in order to get that hands-on experience. If you truly want to become a DBA, there are many ways to get there. Some paths may take longer than others, so you need to remain positive and keep visualizing the end result.
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s Note The Console class is part of the System Namespace and is responsible for handling standard input
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How It Works
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Style Description
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whether or not to include an address block. All this means is that Writer will automatically add the merge fields to your document in what it considers the correct format (for example, title, followed by first and last name, with each line of the address underneath, and so on). You can insert the merge fields manually later on if you wish; in that case, remove the check from the This document shall contain an address block check box. Click Next.
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This method allows the owner to stop the crawler:
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