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The next logical step is to approach the server administrators. One of them might be familiar with the alert system or the nature of the alert itself. They may also have configured some e-mail rules that might be of benefit to you as well. Ask around to see; again you may be uncovering something more serious than you realize, and the server team would be very glad to have you come to them before you were to contact your customers.
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When coding for phpBB 2.0, the key is understanding the codebase and the conventions involved. The phpBB team developers envisioned phpBB 2.0 as an easily modified version of phpBB, with plenty of accessible methods to aid you in accomplishing your tasks. Grasping those is a good first step to being a successful phpBB 2.0 hacker. When writing your hacks, a test installation is a must. For writing hacks, I recommend using a separate database from your production database entirely. This way, if you are making sweeping database modifications, there is zero risk of your production database being wiped out in a freak accident.
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s Note If you had Microsoft Access as a data provider here, you need to use using
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The collection is the variable that you will be using to hold the results. You do not want to allow a sub class the ability to change the collection directly, but you still want to leave the ability to access the collection so we can place a setter.
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*Thick client applications often have controls that offer more functionality than their Web-based counterparts. For example, it s not uncommon to see thick clients with grid controls that support shuffling columns; it is, however, uncommon to see the same functionality in thin clients.
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You can see how this looks in Design view in Figure 3-5.
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Next, you will want to add some fields to your new content type. In its empty state, it is nothing but a title. Your task is to determine what information you want to collect and how to best represent it. To add a field, navigate to administer content content types list (admin/node/types). From this page, you can track all of your flexinode content types. The list of links on the right (add checkbox, add file, add image, and so on) correspond to the field type files that you included in the modules/flexinode folder during installation. Clicking one of these links will add a field of this type to the data model of your flexinode. For the Basketball Team example, let s start with add textfield to add a field for the name of the team s contact person (the default Title field can be used for the team s name). The screen for adding a text field has seven fields: Field Label is the only required field on this form. The value entered here becomes the label on the text field you are adding to the Basketball Team type. The text you enter in the Description field will appear directly underneath the field and serves as a help text in case it isn t clear from the field label what this field is for. Entering a value in the Default Value field will prefill the field. If the field is to be required, so that it will be impossible to submit the form without filling in a value for it, check the Required Field check box. The teaser of a node is the summary version that is shown in lists. If this field is to appear as part of the teaser, check the Show in Teaser check box. Each flexinode type has a tabular view where all nodes of that type can be browsed, complete with sortable columns. If this field is to be one of the fields in that table, check the Show in Table check box. The Weight value orders the field among all other fields on the form.
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is invoked with the array populated with suitable Callback objects. It is the client s responsibility to populate these Callback objects with appropriate data. In the case of a Kerberos 5 login, we require only a username and password. The following code carries out this task:
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When I boot from the Ubuntu DVD-ROM, the drive spins up as if something is happening, but I see nothing. (Alternatively, I see on-screen graphical corruption.)
This is a standard console application, not a workflow console application. Use LibraryReservation as the project name and 08 as the solution. In the Solution Explorer, right-click the LibraryReservation project and choose Add Reference. From the .NET tab, add the following references: System.Activities System.Configuration System.ServiceModel System.ServiceModel.Activities
Microsoft XNA
The Use of NULL Values
You did this (and the rest of your database work) in a Try block to handle exceptions, in particular exceptions thrown by ADO.NET in response to database errors, though in this simple example you re not interested in distinguishing them from other exceptions. Here, ADO.NET will throw an exception if the connection string parameters aren t syntactically correct, so you may as well be prepared. If you had waited until you entered the Try block to declare the connection (and data reader) variable, you wouldn t have it available
A foreign key is any key on a child table where a column, or a set of columns, can be directly matched with exactly the same number and information from the master table. By using this foreign key, you can build up the data to return via a relationship. However, a foreign key does not have to map to a primary key on a master table. Although it is common to see a foreign key mapped to a primary key, as long as the key in the master table that is being mapped to is a unique key, you can build a relationship between a master table and a child table. The whole essence of a foreign key lies in its mapping process and the fact that it is on the child table. A foreign key will exist only when a relationship has been created from the child table to the parent table. But what exactly are the master table and the child tables To demonstrate, let s refer back to our relationship examples. Take, for example, the one-to-many relationship. The master table would be on the left-hand side, or the one side of the relationship, and the child table would be on the right-hand side, or the many side of the relationship (see Figure 3-4). There is one final point to mention concerning foreign keys, relationships, and the master and child tables. It is totally possible for the master table and the child table to be the same table, and for the foreign key and the unique key to both be defined within the same table. This is called a self-join or a reflexive relationship. You don t tend to see this much within a database, as it is quite an unusual situation, although you could use it to ensure that the data in one column exactly matches the information in another column, just as in any other join. For example, say you have a table built around customers, and you have two columns, one of which is a parent customer ID, which holds an ID for the head office and is used to link all the branches. If the head office is also seen as valid branch of the conglomerate, the second column could be the specific branch ID, and you could put a link between these two columns so that there is still a valid link for the head office as a branch as well (see Figure 3-5). Another example is in an employees table where all employees reside, with a self-join from an employee back to his or her manager.
namespace WindowsIdentitySample { class TestApplication { [STAThread] static void Main(string[] args) { // get the current windows identity and apply it to the managed thread WindowsIdentity identity = WindowsIdentity.GetCurrent(); WindowsPrincipal principal = new WindowsPrincipal(identity); // output the identity's name as well as authentication method System.Console.WriteLine("User: " + identity.Name); System.Console.WriteLine("Authenticated through: " + identity.AuthenticationType); System.Console.WriteLine("Is Guest: " + identity.IsGuest); // set the identity to the managed thread's CurrentPrincipal System.Threading.Thread.CurrentPrincipal = principal; // first of all demonstrate imperative security System.Console.WriteLine("\nTesting imperative security..."); if(principal.IsInRole(@"BUILTIN\Administrators")) { System.Console.WriteLine(">> Administrative task performed <<"); } else { System.Console.WriteLine("!! You are not an administrator !!"); } // at last test declarative security try { System.Console.WriteLine("\nTesting declarative security..."); DeclarativeSecurity(); System.Console.WriteLine("Test succeeded!\n"); } catch(System.Security.SecurityException ex) { System.Console.WriteLine("Security exception occured: " + ex.Message); } } [PrincipalPermission(SecurityAction.Demand, Role=@"BUILTIN\Users")] static void DeclarativeSecurity() {
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