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Distributed Transactions, Fine-Grained Security Requirements, Etc.
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In 2, you saw that comments beginning with /// are XML documentation comments, which are used by interactive tools such as Visual Studio. They can also be collected to generate either HTML or XML documentation. You generate HTML documentation using an auxiliary tool such as FsHtmlDoc, available in the F# Power Pack. You can also generate a simple XML documentation file using the --doc command-line option. You must name the output file. For example, using fsc -a --doc:whales.xml whales.fs for the code in Listing 7-10 generates the file whales.xml containing the following:
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Note Any message added will be specific for that database rather than the server.
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Notice here in AddNote method after instantiating NotepadDBEntities, you are creating the Note entity that you generated in the foregoing steps using the Entity Framework Wizard. Once the note is saved, you are mapping to NoteDto to be sent to the client. public NoteDto AddNote(Guid userId, string notedescription, string noteText) { using (var context = new NotepadDBEntities()) { Note note = new Note() { Description = notedescription, UserId = userId,
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As well as letting you view your files, Nautilus has a number of object modes. This is a complicated way of saying that Nautilus lets you view things other than files. The most obvious example of this is the Computer view of your file system, which presents an eagle s eye view of your storage devices. To access this view, click Places Computer. If you have a card reader attached, it will appear here, as will any Windows partitions that may be on your hard disk. Double-clicking each item opens a standard
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Figure 4-11. The server application in action
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args.PageVisual = customPrintPanel;
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Figure 6-21. Creating a New Package with Composer
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Figure 3-11. MediaGrabber displaying a captured image in full-screen mode
It is good idea to get to know why we re doing this report. Developing a report is more than just dragging and dropping some report items and saying that it s all finished. A good understanding of the business case associated with a report usually helps you to decide how the report should be developed. A reorder point report is common in industries in which inventory stock is kept. Businesses need to keep track of finished or unfinished inventory. Both retailers and manufacturers could use this report. This report helps the folks who keep an eye on the levels of stock inventory. The level set as the reorder point is the indication that the current stock levels are lower than the levels that indicate reordering is necessary. The report also helps the purchasing folks: it tells them when the next purchase order must be placed to bring in more stock and cut the risk of being out of stock.
In the next section, you ll see how to use this reader to step through the results of the query and access the first line of the returned addresses.
As stated, a task is a unit of work. You ll want to create generic and simple tasks. If you need to adhere to a flow of execution, such as locate copy delete, you ll want to create each of those as tasks; actually, you will most likely have to write only the locate task because the copy and delete are predefined. The components that will model the flow of execution will be targets. Tasks are usually declared within targets, but it is possible to have them outside as well.
When hosting your server-side components in IIS while communicating with a BinaryFormatter (which is the recommended combination), you might experience a strange exception a special form of the SerializationException as shown in Figure 10-3.
The Command Line
Refactor code to be more readable Rename skins and components to names that make more sense Adding id property for components Making changes to states and transitions and properties to better fit business requirements
txtBlock.removeEventListener("mouseLeftButtonDown", handleTxtClick);
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