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generic <typename T> public interface class IGInterface { property T InnerObject; }; Unlike the generic interface, the template is declared and defined in a header file, as shown in Listing 11-28. Listing 11-28. Declaring a Generic Interface for a Template // template_with_generic_interface.h #using "generic_interface.dll" template <typename T> ref class CTemplate : IGInterface<T> { T m_obj; public: CTemplate(T obj) { m_obj = obj; } virtual property T InnerObject { T get() { return m_obj; } void set(T obj) { m_obj = obj; } } }; Now the CBridge::F function can be rewritten to use the generic interface handle instead of the template class directly (see Listing 11-29).
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Script Malware Attacks
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At the time of this writing, there are two open source projects with WSRP support for Java portlets. WSRP4J ( is an Apache project that was created by IBM. WSRP4J has two components: a producer that runs on Apache Pluto, and a consumer that runs as a Java Swing application. The producer publishes portlets as WSRP web services, and the Swing consumer can display WSRP portlets. EXO ( has a WSRP producer service to publish portlets. It also comes with a consumer portlet that uses the EXO WSRP consumer service to consume remote portlets. Other portals, such as Oracle Portal, are going to support WSRP in the future. Because the configuration for each portal will be different, you will need to consult the user documentation for your portal.
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The final property set is TargetProperty. This is an attached property that refers to the property that is being animated. In the case of the first animation, TargetProperty is set to the rectangle s Width property. As the animation s value is changed, the value will be set to the Width property of the rectangle. Finally, since this is a keyframe animation, keyframes are defined within the animation. In your case, only one keyframe is defined, 2 seconds (KeyTime="00:00:02") into the storyboard. In the first animation, 2 seconds into the storyboard s timeline, the value of the Width property will be changed to 400: <SplineDoubleKeyFrame KeyTime="00:00:02" Value="400"/>
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void UseData() { DataConnection connection1; DataConnection^ connection2 = gcnew DataConnection(); // Use the connection. } int main() { UseData(); // Force a garbage collection, to illustrate a point. GC::Collect(); } Here, we create two connection objects, this time using a SqlConnection. One connection is declared in the function UseData with stack semantics; the other is created with heap semantics. When the UseData function exits, the destructor gets called for connection1, but not for connection2, which becomes an orphaned object. Then, when a garbage collection occurs (in this case artificially forced by the call to GC::Collect, but in principle this could happen at some point in real-world code), an exception is generated. In this case the error reported is
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Figure 10-13. Rendering the data from the card on the site
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In the following code walkthrough, you will use each one of these methods, as well as the State dictionary object, to persist data from the text box in the Tasks application that you have built in this chapter. Follow these steps to accomplish this task. You will not be making any changes to the user interface of the Tasks application it will stay very basic, as shown in Figure 10 2. You will, however, add code to the Tasks application to persist the information that has been entered inside the single text box in that application. 1. 2. Launch Visual Studio 2010 Express, and open the previously created Tasks project, if it s not already open. Open MainPage.xaml.cs (one way is to right-click MainPage.xaml and select View Code). You will add code to save text entered in the text box on MainPage.xaml into the session objects if the page becomes no longer active in a frame i.e., in that page s OnNavigatedFrom event. Add the following code to the MainPage.xaml.cs file:
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Numeric Data Types
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Test Cases
// Iterate using indexing. for (int i = 0; i < array_list->Count; i++) { Console::WriteLine("{0} {1}", i, array_list[i]); } } Often, code that uses the generic collections, such as ArrayList, will use a cast when objects are retrieved from the collection. If the cast fails, InvalidCastException is thrown, and Listing 11-20 traps this. Listing 11-20. Trapping an Invalid Cast Exception // casting_from_object.cpp using namespace System; using namespace System::Collections; ref class Book { public: Book() { } Book(String^ _title) { Title = _title; } property String^ Title; }; int main() { ArrayList^ theList = gcnew ArrayList(); theList->Add( gcnew Book("Of Mice and Men") ); // Use a cast to retrive an object from the list // and convert to the appropriate type. Book^ book = safe_cast<Book^>( theList[0] ); Console::WriteLine("OK. The object was retrieved and the title is " + book->Title ); // Now try putting an object of the wrong type // in the list and retrieving it using the same // method.
Methods for Portlet Modes on GenericPortlet
and setters would be required. Also, notice that the RemoteClass metadata links the AS3 class to its Java counterpart by specifying the fully qualified class name of the Java class as a value of the alias parameter. Further, you see this class annotated with another metadata element: Managed. Annotating a class with the Managed metadata tag is another way of implementing the interface. The IManaged interface extends the IPropertyChangeNotifier interface. IPropertyChangeNotifier is a marker interface, which defines a contract such that all implementing classes dispatch a property change event for all properties of the class and any nested class exposed publicly as properties. As a result, as changes occur, the remote server class and the local class are kept in sync. By explicitly defining a counterpart to our server-side Java class, we establish a typed association. Therefore, on data interchange, the deserialization of the serialized Java class involves mapping of the data elements into this ActionScript class. If we did not define such a class on the ActionScript side, the deserialization would still happen successfully, except that this time the ActionScript class would be dynamically created. From a performance and optimization perspective, typed associations are preferred over dynamic creation. Next, we create a collection class that holds the set of Person objects on both sides of the wire, and define properties and accessor methods on it. Again, we keep the names and definitions consistent on both sides. Our collection class on the Java server side is called, and this is how it looks:
Exposing an Existing Application As a Portlet
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