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It s common to use data to drive control. In functional programming, the distinction between data and control is often blurred: function values can be used as data, and data can influence control flow. One example is using a function such as List.iter to iterate over a list: let sites = [ ""; ""; "" ] sites |> List.iter (fun site -> printfn "%s, length = %d" site (http site).Length) List.iter simply calls the given function (here an anonymous function) for each element in the input list. Here is its type: val iter : ('T -> unit) -> 'T list -> unit Many additional aggregate iteration techniques are defined in the F# and .NET libraries, particularly by using values of type seq<type>, discussed in Getting Started with Sequences later in this chapter.
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Note You are probably wondering by now where and how the Windows Phone 7 culture is set. On both the phone and the emulator, the culture is adjusted in Settings Region and Language. Region and Language Settings can be accessed by clicking the small arrow to the right of the tiles on the phone screen (it is right next to the Internet Explorer tile in the emulator). Click on Region Format, and select an international format from the list that you d like. Notice how both Short and Long Date properties, as well as the First Day of the Week property, adjust to the new format specific to the locale selected. Figure 12 4 illustrates how you can adjust Regional Settings on your phone.
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Because BlackBerry devices are feature-rich and live on the network, you have a plethora of choices for finding and delivering media files to play. This section discusses the various options and the tradeoffs each offers.
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In the previous section, you saw examples of accumulating traversals of a syntax representation. It s common to traverse abstract syntax in other ways: Leaf rewriting (mapping): Translating some leaf nodes of the representation but leaving the overall shape of the tree unchanged Bottom-up rewriting: Traversing a tree but making local transformations on the way up Top-down rewriting: Traversing a tree but before traversing each subtree, attempting to locally rewrite the tree according to some particular set of rules Accumulating and rewriting transformations: For example, transforming the tree left to right but accumulating a parameter along the way For example, the following mapping transformation rewrites all leaf ellipses to rectangles: let rec rectanglesOnly scene = match scene with | Composite scenes -> Composite (scenes |> rectanglesOnly) | Ellipse rect | Rect rect -> Rect rect Often, whole classes of transformations are abstracted into aggregate transformation operations, taking functions as parameters. For example, here is a function that applies one function to each leaf rectangle: let rec mapRects f scene = match scene with | Composite scenes -> Composite (scenes |> (mapRects f)) | Ellipse rect -> Ellipse (f rect) | Rect rect -> Rect (f rect) The types of these functions are as follows: val rectanglesOnly : Scene -> Scene val mapRects: (RectangleF -> RectangleF) -> Scene -> Scene Here is a use of the mapRects function to adjust the aspect ratio of all the RectangleF values in the scene (RectangleF values support an Inflate method): let adjustAspectRatio scene = scene |> mapRects (fun r -> RectangleF.Inflate(r, 1.1f, 1.0f/1.1f))
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from ( select youngest, middle, oldest, summed, product, count(*) over(partition by summed) ct product_check
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Figure 4-13. Sample application using the RadioButton and CheckBox controls 1. Create a new Silverlight application in Visual Studio and call it CheckBoxRadioButton. Allow Visual Studio to create a Web Application project to host the application. In the MainPage.xaml file, divide the root Grid into two rows. In each row, place a StackPanel with vertical orientation and a Margin property set to 10. <Grid x:Name="LayoutRoot" Background="White"> <Grid.RowDefinitions> <RowDefinition /> <RowDefinition /> </Grid.RowDefinitions> <StackPanel Orientation="Vertical" Grid.Row="0" Margin="10"> </StackPanel> <StackPanel Orientation="Vertical" Grid.Row="1" Margin="10"> </StackPanel> </Grid>
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as either an individual or a company or be part of an iPhone development team. This enables you to download your app to execute on iPhone hardware. Because any accessory, including our GC, connects to an iPhone, you need to be able to download your app to the iPhone to use the External Accessory frameworks I will talk about in 2 and throughout this book. In addition, having an understanding of the basic iPhone design patterns will be extremely helpful. Particularly useful would be to have the concept of delegates and view controllers already under your belt. In 3, I will cover the three basic design patterns used for the game: delegates, view controllers, and notifications.
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Figure 16-1. Exploring the contents of a XAP file
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the data reader. Note that unlike with most objects, you have no way to create a data reader with a new expression. ' Execute the query Dim cmd As New SqlCommand(sql, conn) reader = cmd.ExecuteReader() You then produce a header for your output, using connection and command properties (Database and CommandText, respectively) to get the database name and query text: ' Display output header Console.WriteLine("This program demonstrates the use of " & _ "the SQL Server Data Provider.") Console.WriteLine("Querying database {0} with query {1}" & _ ControlChars.NewLine, conn.Database, cmd.CommandText) Console.WriteLine("First Name" + ControlChars.Tab & _ "Last Name" + ControlChars.Lf) You retrieve all the rows in the result set by calling the data reader s Read method, which returns true if there are more rows and false otherwise. Note that the data reader is positioned immediately before the first row prior to the first call to Read: ' Process the result set While reader.Read() Console.WriteLine("{0} | {1}", _ reader("FirstName").ToString().PadLeft(10), _ reader(1).ToString().PadLeft(10)) End While You access each row s columns with the data reader s indexer (here, the SqlDataReader. Item property), which is overloaded to accept either a column name or a zero-based integer index. You use both so you can see the indexer s use, but using column numbers is more efficient than using column names. Next you handle any exceptions, quite simplistically, but at least you re developing a good habit. We ll cover exception handling much more thoroughly in 16. Catch e As Exception Console.WriteLine("Error: ", e) At last, in a finally block, you close the data reader and the connection by calling their Close methods. As a general rule, you should close things in a finally block to be sure they get closed no matter what happens within the try block. Finally ' Close reader and connection reader.Close() conn.Close() End Try Technically, closing the connection also closes the data reader, but closing both (in the previous order) is another good habit. A connection with an open data reader can t be used for any other purpose until the data reader has been closed.
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Browsers and browser-like applications are sometimes described as thin clients. Their only job is to send data, receive data, and format the results. They do not come with code describing how to play a game, read a patient s medical chart, or draw a map. They might seem to do all those things, but only because the content delivered to the client can do so. Thin clients can have many advantages over their thicker counterparts. Easy Updates: Assuming you have access to the web server, making changes is almost unbelievably easy. Whether you have one user or one million, everyone will see the change the next time their browser launches.
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So far in this chapter, you ve seen reference types and value types, and the many different ways of referring to objects in code. You ve learned the semantic differences between these methods, including objects with heap and stack semantics, tracking references, dereferencing handles, copying objects, lvalues, and the auto_handle template. Now focus will turn to how objects are passed to functions. As in classic C++, there are many ways to pass parameters, and it s important to know the semantic differences between all of them.
The Flex application is fairly simple. When it starts up, it registers the addItem method as a function that will add an item to an array and then update the dataProvider on the list with the new array. The Flex application then calls the jscallinLoaded function in the JavaScript code to let it know that the Flash application has been loaded successfully. The JavaScript code on the page that uses this Flex application is shown in the following code:
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