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Your web application is now set up to read the <appSettings> XML. Let s look at the code that you will place in the Click event of the command button to encrypt the settings: Protected Sub Button1_Click(ByVal sender As Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles Button1.Click Dim config As System.Configuration.Configuration config = System.Web.Configuration.WebConfigurationManager. OpenWebConfiguration("/CH10API") Dim appSettings As ConfigurationSection = config.GetSection("appSettings") If (appSettings.SectionInformation.IsProtected) Then appSettings.SectionInformation.UnprotectSection() Else appSettings.SectionInformation. ProtectSection("DataProtectionConfigurationProvider") End If Try config.Save() Response.Redirect(Request.CurrentExecutionFilePath) Catch ex As Exception Response.Write("An error has occurred saving the configuration settings. Make sure the ASP.NET process account has write permissions enabled.") End Try End Sub This code reads the configuration settings and then evaluates whether the settings are encrypted or not. Dim appSettings As ConfigurationSection = config.GetSection("appSettings") If (appSettings.SectionInformation.IsProtected) Then appSettings.SectionInformation.UnprotectSection() Else appSettings.SectionInformation .ProtectSection("DataProtectionConfigurationProvider") End If You achieve this evaluation by using the SectionInformation.IsProtected property. This is a Boolean property that returns true if the <appSettings> are already encrypted and false if they are not. If the property s value is true, you will call the SectionInformation.UnprotectSection() method in the conditional statement clause, thus decrypting the information. appSettings.SectionInformation.UnprotectSection()
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Parameter Name
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to Compensation: The flowers have been cancelled . The designer should look like the one shown in Figure 17-15.
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(cheapest index, times three, scaled) (80% of the rows, packed at 335 rows per block) (20% of the rows, scattered into individual blocks) (An error of 2.1%)
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Note One of my personal favorite pages on the site is the history of CVS commits
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Getting Started
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The tinyint, or tiny integer, data type is even smaller than smallint and holds numbers from 0 through to 255. It could be used to hold a numerical value for each US or Canadian state or perhaps every county in the United Kingdom
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Figure 5-21. Final look of the dtSalesAnalysis data table
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Form of file compression. Together with the older and less efficient gzip, it is a popular form of file compression under Linux and the equivalent to Zip compression under Windows. Files employing bzip compression are usually given a .bz2 file extension. See also tar.
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