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a group of otherwise ad -hoc computers to operate with similar parameters. They enable centralized authentication, allowing users from multiple computers and multiple platforms to authenticate against a single database, creating a more user-friendly and ultimately more secure system. In the next chapter, we will further explore directory services, with a specific focus on integrating OS X client desktops with Apple s Open Directory platform. Later, in 3, we will discuss integrating OS X client desktops with Microsoft s Active Directory system.
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In the first examples in this book, I show the use of shared interfaces. With this approach, you create an assembly that is copied to both the server and the client. The assembly contains the interfaces that will be implemented by the server.
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Tip You can select more than one cell by holding down the Ctrl key. You can select a range of cells in
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> let t1 = Not(And(Not(Var("x")),Not(Var("y"))));; val t1 : Prop > fsi.AddPrinter(showProp);; > t1;; val it : Prop = not (not x && not y) > let t2 = Or(Not(Not(Var("x"))),Var("y"));; val t2 : Prop > t2;; val it : Prop = not (not x) || y > (t1 = t2);; val it : bool = false > NNF t1;; val it : Prop = x || y > NNF t2;; val it : Prop = x || y > NNF t1 = NNF t2;; val it : bool = true
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Mobile Data System as shown in Figure 1-7. Finally, click on the Common tab and check both options under Display in favorites menu. Click Debug.
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Language (DDL) statements to create and drop database objects like tables and indexes. We ll create tables in 10 using SSMSE, because that s how they re typically created, but the SQL you learn there can be submitted from a VB program with ExecuteNonQuery(). code39 fonts winforms
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As you now know, there are two steps to complete, whether you want to create a SQL Server authentication based login or a Windows authentication based login. The first is a server login, which was the first part of creating a login that we went through. A server login is one that, when used, can connect only to the server itself. It cannot use any of the user databases within SQL Server. The second step was creating the database user; in the graphical section that we looked at first, this is when we selected the databases we wanted to use. Within SQL Server, permissions can be granted at multiple levels, including the server and database level. Examples of server-level permissions include creating new logins or managing server properties. Examples of database permissions include being able to read data from a table or being able to create new tables. One server login can be associated with multiple users in different databases. Generally, when using Windows authentication, a database username is the same as the login name, but this does not have to be the case. It does, however, simplify administration. In this book, we will mostly be dealing with database-level permissions, but we will briefly examine server roles in the following section.
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Take a look at the following example using the same HTML component, which allows you to test some of the new WebKit functionality:
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In Spring MVC and Spring Web Flow, forms are handled by converting their string representations to and from the properties of a POJO. This POJO is referred to as the command object. The fields of the command object are populated by the controller when a form is submitted. When the form is initially rendered, a command object may be populated by the controller from the incoming request parameters and supplied to the page; this is the behavior when you set the bindOnNewForm attribute in AbstractFormController and its derived classes. The same form bean may be used by multiple controllers, or by multiple steps in a single controller as, for example, with classes derived from AbstractWizardFormController. If the controller is permitted to use the HttpSession object, maintaining the content of the command object between actions is relatively simple. However, session objects come with their own problems. If you intend to operate without the session, you must ensure that any fields of the command object that are not currently editable or visible in the forms are rendered as hidden HTML form fields so that they are available to reconstruct the command object upon form submission. In addition to the problem of maintaining the content of a command object for controllers spanning multiple form submissions, there is the problem of managing collections of objects. The collection classes are not well suited to the representation of fields in the command object because they have no associated type information at runtime. Even if using Java generics, a List<String> will be converted to a plain List at runtime by a process known
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Like functions, workflow expressions can be defined recursively. Many of the best examples are generative sequences. For example: let rnd = System.Random() let rec randomWalk k = seq { yield k yield! randomWalk (k + rnd.NextDouble() - 0.5) } > randomWalk 10.0;; val it: seq<float> = seq [10.0; 10.23817784; 9.956430122; 10.18110362; ...] > randomWalk 10.0;; val it : seq<float> = seq [10.0; 10.19761089; 10.26774703; 9.888072922; ...]
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looking at the top right of top s display.
final BurlapUserAccountService service = (BurlapUserAccountService)ctx.getBean("burlapUserAccountService"); final List<String> users = service.listUserNames();
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