Figure 6 16. MoveBall demo design view in Word Microsoft

Get qr barcode in Word Microsoft Figure 6 16. MoveBall demo design view

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CHAPTER 4: Wireless Messaging
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TENTH LOW_VAL HIGH_VAL WIDTH HEIGHT ---------- ---------- ---------- ---------- ---------1 -32003 -8966 23037 4.34 2 -8966 -5883 3083 32.44 3 -5883 -3659 2224 44.96 4 -3659 -1761 1898 52.69 5 -1761 17 1778 56.24 6 17 1792 1775 56.34 7 1792 3678 1886 53.02 8 3678 5897 2219 45.07 9 5897 8974 3077 32.50 10 8974 34660 25686 3.89 Pick any value between 32,003 and 8,966 (the 1st tenth) and the height of that bar tells you that there won t be many matching rows in the table (the height is about 4). Similarly, there won t be many rows for any value between 8,974 and 34,660 (the 10th tenth). Most of our data is clustered in the middle section of the graph. In fact, 80% of the data (eight bars out of ten) is packed into just 27% (from 8,966 to +8,974) of the total range of values. Now, here s an important question. If this were your production data set and you were querying this data frequently, would you want Oracle to behave as if the queries were always aimed at the extreme ranges or at the packed data set in the middle Or would different users have different requirements that covered the entire range of possibilities Bear in mind that that s a business-related question, not a technology question. If your business is only interested in the central range, then you will probably want Oracle to behave as if there were about 45 rows for any given value. If your business is always interested in the outside edges, then you want Oracle to behave as if there were about 4 rows for any given value. And what is Oracle supposed to do if your queries go all over the place Remember that it is important to calculate the correct cardinality at each stage of an execution plan, because the cardinality at any one point in the plan can affect join orders, join methods, and choice of indexes. But this data set shows that the correct estimate of the cardinality for a simple equality condition may depend more on the business purpose than on the raw data. When the graph isn t a flat line, it is the business requirement that dictates which bit of the graph is the important bit, hence what the correct cardinality should be. Any time you draw a picture of your data and find that it has peaks, or gaps, or anything other than a flat, continuous profile, you may have problems getting the optimizer to work out a suitable cardinality for most of your queries. And, as we know, inappropriate estimates of cardinality lead to unsuitable execution plans. Before I end this section, I will be giving you an alternative method for getting the figures you would need to draw my graph. But for the moment, it s time to get back on track with histograms. Let s start by creating a histogram of ten bars (or buckets as Oracle tends to call them) on the column normal:
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chmod +a "hunterbj allow list,add_file,search,delete,add_subdirectory,delete_child, readattr,writeattr,readextattr,writeextattr,readsecurity,writesecurity,chown, limit_inherit,only_inherit" testfolder
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Setting Up the Solution
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Windows Server 2008 introduces the Reliability and Performance Monitor. This is the latest version of what was previously called Performance monitor (or perfmon for short). In fact, if you were to run the command perfmon from a Win2008 server it will launch the new version. Figure 6 1 shows the Resource Overview immediately after running the perfmon command. You can click on any one of the graphs displayed and it will expand the
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Report Design Surface
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application export process, they will be imported as part of the MSI file import process.
will be owned by root, too. If you use anacron to create a backup of your /home directory, for example, the resultant backup file will be owned by root, and you ll need to use the chown command to change its ownership so you can access it. See 14 for more information about the chown command.
Listing 3-13. Appropriate Use of Java 5 Generics in Method Signatures
Security and Single Sign-On
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