Capturing and Displaying Accelerometer Data in Office Word

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Every time a row is added, modified, or deleted, its row state changes to the appropriate one in Table 13-1. This is useful if you re interested in retrieving, sorting, or filtering specific rows based on their state (for example, all new rows in the data table or all rows that have been modified).
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$ hdiutil create -size 100M -fs "Journaled HFS+" -volname "myImage" ~/Desktop/myImage.dmg created: /Users/hunterbj/myImage.dmg
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Figure 7-6. Default.aspx with a Treeview control and SiteMapDataSource
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You can change the default marshaling by using the MarshalAs attribute. Marshaling for more complex types is not as simple. The Marshal class in the namespace System::Runtime::InteropServices provides many useful methods for interoperability. This book will cover only a few of the most useful. Future versions of Visual C++ may include a marshaling template library, which should make marshaling much more convenient. A full discussion would be outside the scope of this book. If you instead use other interop methods described later, you can include the relevant header files that define all the types used in the parameter list, and not only avoid the trouble of re-creating them in managed code, but in many cases avoid the context switch to native code and vice versa. Still, if you do need to use P/Invoke, you should avail yourself of Internet resources for P/Invoke programming, such as, which includes prepared code for many Win32 calls.
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The classes AsyncCallback and AsyncResult and the associated interface IAsyncResult provide the methods needed to implement these designs, such as providing a way to check on whether the function has completed. The BeginInvoke function returns an object of type AsyncResult. Listing 7-14 shows an example. Listing 7-14. Checking Function Completion // async_delegates.cpp using namespace System; using namespace System::Threading; ref class R { public: property String^ Value; R(String^ s) { Value = s; } }; delegate void QueryFunc(String^, R^); ref class Document { IAsyncResult^ result; R^ m_r; public: Document(String^ s) { m_r = gcnew R(s); } // Query the database. void Query(String^ queryString, R^ r) { // Execute a long query. r->Value = "New Value"; } void InitiateQuery(String^ queryString) { QueryFunc^ qf = gcnew QueryFunc(this, &Document::Query); Console::WriteLine(m_r->Value); result = qf->BeginInvoke(queryString, m_r, gcnew AsyncCallback(this, &Document::ProcessResult), qf); }
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Both of our reports have the header and the footer properly set now, so let s focus on the design of the body section. For the RS report, we ll make use of the table report item. Let s start by dragging Report Items Table from the toolbox and dropping it inside the body section in the report designer. A new table item is part of the report now, and it ll have a default name of table1. We need to add one more column, so right-click the rightmost column header and select Insert Column to the Right . As usual, you could choose to map the data table columns to the text boxes by either typing an expression or dragging and dropping from the data source. Let s drag Source dsRSandCR Book Title and drop it inside the first column of the table item detail section.
Now that you know how to ensure your application is theme-aware, in the next section you will learn how approach cases where you absolutely must customize your application based on the currently selected theme.
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