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Figure 2-4. The View Timesheet page
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The Projects and Solutions node offers some functionality that is useful for defining default behavior when creating projects and when running websites. Table 2-4 outlines the details. Table 2-4. Projects and Solutions Options
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Figure 19 5. Adding https site binding You can also start testing accessing secure data from your Windows Phone 7 application. 9. From your Windows Phone 7 emulator, navigate to https:/machinename/. The very first time you start up the emulator, you will see a screen like the one shown in Figure 19 6, the absence of trust relationship error message. If you click Continue, however, you will be able to establish SSL connections to the web server from both the browser on the Windows Phone 7 device and the applications.
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A receive location is the entry point into a receive port for pipeline processing and submission into the BizTalk MessageBox for subscribers and downstream processing. Receive ports can have multiple receive locations belonging to them. To allow messages to be received and consumed, you should enable a receive location.
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It s hard to tell here, but all of that is actually on a single line of text. We can modify this file, specifically the line that contains our hosts pre-shared key (in this case the host is helyx.lbc ). To restrict this key to a specific command, we inject it at the beginning of the line, the end result looking like this:
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Later, when a program is looking for appropriate names to display, it will pass in a desired locale string, such as en-GB for Great Britain English. CHAPI will check to see if names have been defined for that locale; if not, it will strip off the characters after and including the last - and search again in this case, for en . The process repeats until a match is found or all options are exhausted. Because of this, it is a good idea to
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The New Web Site dialog box appears, in which you can select the type of web site application that you want to create. The available default options are as follows: ASP .NET Web Site: This is a web site that uses ASP.NET to execute. It comes with a sample file called Default.aspx, which is an ASP.NET Web Forms application. (This is the type of web site application you ll create in this chapter; web forms are discussed in detail in 3.) .NET Web Service: A web service is a device- and platform-agnostic implementaASP tion of business logic. It does not have a UI, but instead is called using an XML vocabulary called Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP). Web services are the underpinnings of the Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) and methodologies of the Web. You ll be looking into this important technology in 5. Personal Web Site Starter Kit: This kit includes a template for everything that you can use to create a simple personal-use web site that hosts pages, pictures, and more. Empty Web Site: This option creates the stubs that you need to build a web site, .NET configuration files, but no sample pages or web including all the required ASP forms.
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Listing 2-1 implements a basic listener class that provides updates about the current status of a recording operation. However, a similar class could perform additional tasks as well, such as automatically restarting capture if an error occurs.
Enabling the Search Box
6. Once you select File Run Project (or command + Return on Mac OS), you will be able to
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