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NOTE: The maximum number of pipes, by default, is 16. This is primarily because the net.inet.ip.dummynet.max_chain_len variable, which controls the maximum number of pipes, is set to 16. You can change this using sysctl. If you need more than 16 pipes, then you may have stability issues with high-traffic loads. The final task with bandwidth throttling will be to limit the amount of throughput that each individual connection can take. In this case, you will use something known as address masking. When you use masking, you are telling the system to limit a specific IP address or set of IP addresses to a specified pipe size rather than applying a pipe to a port. To configure a pipe that limits each AFP connection (port 548) to 75Mbps, you would add the following series of lines to the system:
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Three configuration panes are used to create/edit the application manifest file. These UI panes are Name, Files, and Permissions Required. The Name pane captures high-level details about the application. The interesting panes are the next two. The Files pane identifies the files that make up the application. Because an application can consist of any number of files and file types, the Files pane is designed so that you specify the application directory and click the Populate button to specify the files that make up the application. When you click Populate, the application creates an entry for each file in the Application Files grid. You can use this grid to create optional files and file groups, just like you can when using Visual Studio 2005. The Permissions Required pane allows you to set the CAS security requirements for the application. The drop-down list shown in Figure 9-16 allows you to choose FullTrust, LocalIntranet, Internet, or Custom. FullTrust, LocalIntranet, and Internet are preconfigured with specific permission set/permissions. If you want to specify your own permission set/permissions, you can choose Custom, and then the pane will allow you to enter your own permission requirements. After you fill in these details, you can save the application manifest. When you click the Save toolbar button or choose the File Save or File Save All menu item, the application displays the Signing Options dialog box (see Figure 9-17).
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Simple case demonstrating the join selectivity and cardinality formulae Demonstration that the formulae still work with nulls in the join columns Demonstration that the formulae still work with nulls in the join columns and filter columns Example of the wrong num_distinct being used in the formula Two join predicates with an AND between them Two join predicates with an OR between them Effects of variation in low/high values of the joined column Effects of transitive closure (predicate generation) on joins Joining three tables Changes in null treatment three-table join Effects of storing all reference data in a single table Is this a bug, a side effect, or three simultaneous special cases A bug in cardinality where descending indexes exist A strange example of cardinality changing Sets a standardized environment for SQL*Plus
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Figure 4 4. Document normalization
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Figure 10-5. Connecting to a remote network through crossdomain.xml Most services you will be using in your Flex mashup that have the crossdomain.xml file installed and unrestricted will allow you to make an RPC. There are three types of RPC components available in Flex: HTTPService, WebService, and RemoteObject. In terms of performance, HTTPService and RemoteObject connections are faster than WebService connections. In small applications with very little data being transferred and few calls, it does not really matter what you choose, but as you increase the number of calls and amount of data, even a mere 100ms difference per call can become noticeable. The HTTPService component is a powerful method and the most common way to retrieve data. HTTPService allows you to send GET and POST requests. After making the request, you receive a data response. Mashups often use the HTTPService component to access web syndication.
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Database connections are precious resources, and you should always release them as soon as possible. In the previous case, you did this by using a locally defined connection. It s also sufficient to implicitly close the reader by constructing it with the CloseConnection option that causes it to release and close the data connection upon closing the reader instance. Common options include SchemaOnly, which you can use to extract field information only (without any data returned); SingleResult to extract a single value only (the same as using the ExecuteScalar method discussed earlier); SingleRow to extract a single row; and KeyInfo to extract additional columns (appended to the end of the selected ones) automatically that uniquely identify the rows returned.
public void init(PortletConfig config) throws PortletException { portletCounter++; }
One more problem faces you as you struggle to unravel the details of how the cost based optimizer works: what you see is not always what you get. There are three different layers of operational complexity:
Figure 6-28. Build and run packages to test
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