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ASP.NET-based applications are usually configured through a web.config file that is automatically created when creating a new Web application project with Visual Studio. Generally, if you add .NET Remoting configuration to your web.config file, <service> tags are configured automatically while <client> configurations are ignored. For clarity, it is recommended to configure your .NET Remoting client configuration outside of web.config. Just take a look at the following configuration, which you will use for configuring your ASP .NET client. I have included the configuration in web.config for the first step and will show you the problems with that afterwards. <configuration> <system.runtime.remoting> <application> <channels> <channel ref="tcp" />
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sqlComm.CommandText = "SELECT AddressLine1 FROM Person.Address WHERE (PostalCode = @strZIP)";
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s Note You can also add the ReportViewer to the Default.aspx page by switching to design view and
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While gathering the data, you should meet with your manager to discuss your preliminary findings and work together to prioritize the work that needs to be done. If you have found one server that is not running any backups, or the backups are failing, then that server must take precedence over everything else. I don t care which one of your most important customers screams at you on day one to fix a query they wrote that filled up a 70GB log drive, you must ensure you can recover from a disaster. Continue to review your checklist with your manager and determine which items need to be done, which items need the most resources and effort, and which ones can wait for now. It is very important that you and your new manager agree upon the tasks and their priority before you get started. This will serve both of you very well; it gives you a chance to be measured from this point forward. Should you and your manager disagree, however, with regard to your priorities, make sure you have that documented. It will serve you well when someone comes around asking why something specific has not been done yet, and you politely explain why you have been working on something else. Then, if there is still disagreement, you, the other person, and your boss can get together to reevaluate your priorities. TIP: Document, but not to be confrontational. Don t whack your boss upside the head with his old e-mails. Instead, use them as gentle reminders that you are committed to working on the priorities that your boss lays down. Your boss will appreciate that you are putting your efforts toward his priorities. After you have met with your manager, you are going to constantly be measured. Everyone is going to want or need you for one thing or another. Every interaction you have with others will serve as a form of measurement, to be verified by something tangible produced by actions on your part. If you have that checklist, and your manager is aware of the checklist, you now have something tangible to deliver on starting from day one. Think about how important this will be for you. In three or four weeks someone, somewhere, will ask your manager how things are working out with the new DBA. Your
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sensitive. If you do, then query code will also become case sensitive.
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Assume you re working for Modern Packaging Incorporated as a developer. You have the task of developing the Aged Accounts Receivables report. The report should highlight, using bold and italic font styles, any invoice that is 90 days old or older. The report should also provide the user with the ability to move to invoice details of any customers while viewing the report. The report should meet all the characteristics described in the Table 5-1, and the report output should match Figure 5-8.
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Figure 15-16. Design view showing child page with Master Page applied
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Put a breakpoint in this code (by selecting the line and pressing F9) and run the application. Select an item on the list. Nothing happens the event doesn t fire because there is no postback typically associated with a list box. Only form submit buttons cause postbacks, at least when you re not using ASP.NET. Now, there are a couple of things you can do here. First of all, you can put a button on the form, and when you press the button, a postback will be triggered. The postback contains information for all raised events, not just the action that caused the postback (the
As you can see from the namespaces, ADO.NET can work with older technologies such as OLE DB and ODBC. However, the SQL Server data provider communicates directly with SQL Server without adding an OLE DB or ODBC layer, so it s the most efficient form of connection. Likewise, the Oracle data provider accesses Oracle directly.
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3. Click the Add Rule button. Your rule is now in effect. 4. To test it and make sure it behaves as you expected, go to the Check Rules subtab (admin/access/ rules/check). Here, you can enter any username in the Username field, and then click the Check Username button see if the name would be allowed or denied. For this example, try usernames like real bad word, bad words, and not a bad word. They should all be denied. Then try badword and ad word. They should be allowed.
By default, ClickOnce-deployed applications are set to have full trust on the client machine. With this in place, the application can do whatever it needs on the client;15 however, the client is prompted with a dialog box to verify the installation of an untrusted application during the install.
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