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From the test case you created earlier, you can include a simple assertion. Refer to the following method: [Test] public void TestStringEqual() { string testString = "Hello NUnit"; Assert.AreEqual(testString, testString); } In this method, you have created a string, testString, and passed it into the Assert.AreEqual method for both the expected value and the actual value. When the NUnit engine passes over this class, it will notice that it contains test cases, and it will execute the TestStringEqual method inside it. Since the assertion passes, so should the test case. You ll now add a few more simple test cases, and then you ll run the test cases using NUnit s GUI runner. This is the class with a few more passing tests: [TestFixture] public class NUnitEx1 { [Test] public void TestStringEqual() { string testString = "Hello NUnit"; Assert.AreEqual(testString, testString); Assert.AreSame(testString, testString); } [Test] public void TestIntEqual() { int intValue = 5; Assert.AreEqual(intValue, intValue); } [Test] public void IsTest ()
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Listing 11-6. Implementation of LeadGeneratorWF.cs using using using using System; System.Activities; System.Activities.Statements; System.IO;
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This code works because first, the String class implements the interface IEnumerable, and second, the GetEnumerator function returns a CharEnumerator, a class that implements IEnumerator. IEnumerator includes a property, Current, which in the case of CharEnumerator, returns a Char (which, as mentioned earlier, is the same as wchar_t).
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Figure 11-12. Browser showing JavaScript script passed from application
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CHAPTER 7: Browser
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Table 1-1. The Stages in the Evolution of SQL Server
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Finally, you can specify exceptions to a repetition. You would add one exception for each time that the event should not occur. Exceptions are implemented as long time values. If you decide to cancel next month s appointment but keep all future appointments, you could use the following code.
Figure 5-6. When you click the time zone map, you should find it zooms in and allows for easier selection of the city nearest to your location.
deterministic values are set to support the specific situation. Apply the appropriate design principles to ensure the correct constant assignment technique is applied. You might decide it would be best to map values outside the mapping environment. This could be a result of deterministic logic or business rules being the major requirement in the constants implementation. Furthermore, rules that derive constants may exist outside the BizTalk map. Constants may need to change dynamically, and it may be too cumbersome to perform a recompile/deployment for such changes within a BizTalk map.
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