Alternatively, you can copy the preference file from the configured user s ~/Library/Preferences folder to your admin machine, and then add the preference file rather than the MS Word app in Workgroup Manager. After performing either of these actions, there will be a new entry in the list, labeled in italics. The italic text signifies that this is an imported preference which does not match a known preference manifest. Nonetheless, MS Word will honor the settings. If you edit the new managed settings for, you see there are several dozen various preferences that are now managed, not all of which are pertinent to your purposes. In order to ensure as clean an environment as possible for your users, you will want to narrow this list down to only the specific preferences that you want to deploy. Figure 7-9 shows a managed preference on the domain, added by adding the preference file found at ~/Library/Preferences/ The managed preferences for this domain have been reduced to the keys 2008\FirstRun\ SetupAssistantCompleted, and 2008\Toolbars\ShowWysiwyg, which prevent the setup assistant from launching, and enable Fonts in the toolbar to be displayed in their appropriate typeset.
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For a multicast restore, you must first create a property list for the ASR process, specifying the settings that the network service will use. For this example, we ve created a folder called /asr and placed in it a plist called config.plist. To function, asr requires two settings: data rate and multicast address. The data rate is the maximum speed in bytes that asr can write data, which we ll set conservatively at 8000000 (8Mbps). The multicast address is the address for the data stream. To write these settings into the file, use the defaults command followed by a write, the file path/name, the key you re writing into the file, a flag to indicate the type of key (if required), and the contents of the key. You then specify a multicast IP address where you announce your datastream. The Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA) defines multicast address ranges from through, with through reserved for special purposes. Many common solutions, such as Norton Ghost, use addresses in the Following this example, use the multicast address It s very important that you discuss the appropriate address to use for your specific network with your network administrators as multicast IP conflicts can arise if you do not. With that in mind, set the data rate and multicast address as follows:
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System.Data.LINQ System.XML.LINQ System.Data.Linq.Mapping
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To protect the rights of people to share and adapt the GNU software, Stallman came up with the GNU Public License (GPL). Various drafts of this license were produced over time, until it became a completely watertight legal contract, which furthered the concept of free software. Most software you buy comes with a license agreement that big chunk of text you must agree to when installing software (in the case of Windows desktop software, it s frequently referred to as the End-User License Agreement, or EULA). The license agreement usually says that you cannot copy the software or share it with friends. If others want to use the software, they must buy their own version. The GPL turns this on its head. Rather than restricting what people can do with the software, it gives them permission to share the software with whomever they wish. However, if they modify the program in any way, and then distribute it to others, the program they come up with must also be licensed under the GPL. In other words, people cannot make changes to a program that has a GPL, and then sell the modified program, keeping their improvements secret.
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Creation of Sinks
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Figure 1-1. Creating a new workflow project
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Java EE filters provide the opportunity to intercept incoming requests and perform operations on them before the request is passed to the appropriate servlet for processing. Figure 6-3 shows where filters fit into the request life cycle right at the beginning. They are uniquely placed to alter the state of the request before it proceeds any further. They are a Java EE feature, rather than a Spring-specific one, but Spring takes full advantage of them.
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When you run the application, you can see the new list box on your page (see Figure 3-8). Of course, you can also handle events on dynamically created controls. You do so by adding an event handler to the object, specifying the event that you want to handle. So, for example, if you want to handle a SelectedIndexChanged event on a dynamically created list, you would do this first by assigning the event handler like this:
The Folder Sentry is a nice feature that allows administrators to specify certain watch folders that, when changed, will automatically be scanned. This is good protection for those high-profile crucial document folders that must remain virus-free. The Folder Sentry application runs in the background and activates only when one of the watch folders has been edited. To add a watch folder, either drag the folder from a Finder window into the Folders Being Watched field or add it from the plus (+) sign below (see Figure 8 8). The Scan inserted disks option will scan all disks that are attached or mounted on the system. The Launch ClamXav Sentry when you log in to this computer option will add ClamXav Sentry to your users Login Items, launched when the user logs in. The Delete infected files option will delete files that are infected automatically when they are detected. Use this option with caution because it is fairly dangerous to automatically delete files without knowing which files are being deleted. Most often, this option is best left unchecked. It s better to review your logs regularly, manually fixing files if they become infected.
video.snapshot.encodings Supported video snapshot formats for the getSnapshot method
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