Encoding QRCode in word documents CATCHING AND DEBUGGING ERRORS

Execution Plan ( ---------------------------------------------------------0 SELECT STATEMENT Optimizer=ALL_ROWS (Cost=5 Card=1 Bytes=3) 1 0 SORT (AGGREGATE) 2 1 TABLE ACCESS (FULL) OF 'T1' (Cost=5 Card=735 Bytes=2205)
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Figure 7 8. Firefox Master Password dialog box
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MSBuildProjectDirectory MSBuildProjectExtension
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the Grant, Deny, and Revoke statements that are used with respect to securing database objects. We will not be examining these in detail in this book.
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ObjectDumper.Write(custs) ObjectDumper.Write() is a very convenient tool for playing around with LINQ in console programs. It displays all the fields in an object as fieldname=value pairs. The field names defaulted to the field names in the Customers class. (You ll see how to provide your own in the next section.) Its source code comes with LINQ in ObjectDumper.cs.
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namespace Client { public class CustomProxy: RealProxy { String _url; String _uri; IMessageSink _sinkChain; public CustomProxy(Type type, String url) : base(type) { _url = url; // check each registered channel if it accepts the // given URL IChannel[] registeredChannels = ChannelServices.RegisteredChannels; foreach (IChannel channel in registeredChannels ) { if (channel is IChannelSender) { IChannelSender channelSender = (IChannelSender)channel; // try to create the sink _sinkChain = channelSender.CreateMessageSink(_url, null, out _uri);
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Performing an Audit
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Let s take the same data that displayed poker starting hands from the previous exercise and see what type of cool ListBox you can build with it. Figure 5-16 shows the custom ListBox you ll create in this exercise.
Figure 1 4. Microsoft Expresion Blend 4 for Windows Phone
Knowing When to Use DOM
Figure 2-1. Creating a console application
Testing the File Explorer
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