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Note The virtual desktop feature also passed by Apple for a long time. However, it was recently included
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Data Binding in a Web Service
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Backing Up to MobileMe
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To show off the power of the new PlayingScreen, provide a way to directly enter it without going through RecordingScreen. Listing 3-4 shows how you can convert RecordingChoicesScreen from the previous chapter into ChoicesScreen. ChoicesScreen keeps the existing options for starting a record operation, but it also adds the ability to enter a file location or web URL and then select Play Media to launch it directly. Note that this will only play MMAPI-compatible media, so it will work for most audio and video, but not SVG, Plazmic, or other unsupported media types.
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Identifier and value cross-referencing are similar in concept, with the following differences: Value cross-referencing is commonly between enumeration fields. Identifier cross-referencing is commonly between entity unique identifiers. Value cross-referencing occurs between system types. Identifier cross-referencing occurs between instances of system types. Identifier cross-references may be set at runtime. Value cross-references are static and may be loaded only through the import tool or direct table manipulation.
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Table View for the Content Type
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Contents and Index
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If you have weak passwords (or no password), then others could gain access into your file system. There have also been a few exploits specifically targeting AFP that have been released. If you have weak passwords (or no password), then others could gain access into your file system. Additionally there are a number of vulnerabilities in the CVE database for Samba. Poorly written web code and Apache configuration could lead to vulnerabilities on your system. Systems with SSH exposed to the Internet are prone to brute-force attacks, where an attacker attempts repeatedly to guess your password. This will show up in your logs, waste your bandwidth, and, if you have weak passwords, give an attacker full control over your computer. Additionally, while strong passwords do mitigate the chance of success they do not obviate it.
GeoRSS is a lightweight format that is often used in feeds to map locations by adding basic geometries such as point, line, and box. To learn more about GeoRSS, visit its official site at Let s look at an example of a GeoRSS XML:
Then, just as you think you re getting the hang of how things work, you run the test on 10g and the autotrace output comes up with a different answer: Execution Plan ( autotrace) ---------------------------------------------------------0 SELECT STATEMENT Optimizer=ALL_ROWS (Cost=60 Card=62500 Bytes=2125000) 1 0 HASH JOIN (Cost=60 Card=62500 Bytes=2125000) 2 1 TABLE ACCESS (FULL) OF 'T1' (TABLE) (Cost=28 Card=10000 Bytes=170000) 3 1 TABLE ACCESS (FULL) OF 'T2' (TABLE) (Cost=28 Card=10000 Bytes=170000) How did the computed cardinality of 50,000 in the 9i plan change into the 62,500 in the preceding execution plan If you re really good at mental arithmetic, you may be able to guess
df -h
Arial Arial Black Comic Sans MS Courier New Georgia Lucida Grande/Lucida Sans Unicode Times New Roman Trebuchet MS Verdana Additionally, you can download a font using the Downloader control, and then use the SetFontSource method of the TextBlock to assign the font to the text used in the TextBlock. You can control how the text is rendered using the FontSize, FontStyle, and FontWeight properties. In the case of the latter, the possible values are Thin, ExtraLight, Light, Normal, Medium, SemiBold, Bold, ExtraBold, Black, and ExtraBlack. You can add decorations to the TextBlock using the TextDecorations property. At present, it just supports Underline and None as values. You can wrap text using the TextWrapping property. This can contain the values NoWrap (the text is clipped by the width of the TextBlock) or Wrap, where the text flows onto a new line when it goes beyond the available width. Note that when text wraps like this, the width of the text box may be reported inaccurately. Make sure that if you need to read the width, you check on the actualWidth and actualHeight properties for a correct read. Here s an example of a TextBlock that uses TextWrapping and the Courier New font family:
With the next version of the .NET Framework, version 2.0 (codename Whidbey), security is an integral part of the .NET Remoting framework. The security infrastructure for .NET Remoting 2.0 includes authentication as well as channel security similar to the SSPI sample solution described earlier in this chapter. Security in .NET Remoting 2.0 will be configured directly for the channel. Therefore, all you have to know about for leveraging the security infrastructure is a couple of new channel properties as well as enumerations used in conjunction with those properties. Take a look at the following table for an overview of the new properties and their associated enumerations.6
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