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From the Solution Explorer, right-click the BookLookup project and choose Add Service Reference. The dialog shown in Figure 10-19 will appear.
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Caution: RIM devices generally require a full phone reboot when you install an application with static push registry. This is because the static push registry is initialized when the phone boots up. This will be only a minor inconvenience to your users, but it can be frustrating for developers and testers who may be loading an app hundreds of times. Consider omitting the push registry entry on debug builds.
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When you get past the Hello World type applications and have to deploy real-world apps, you will quickly realize that complex systems depend on certain elements that have to exist on the target machine for the application to run. It is not unlikely for an application to depend on a component in the GAC, a Windows service, a registry entry, or a specific user account. It s not unlikely for an application to depend on a database on the client machine or even a specific user or a file or a folder. For a deployment solution to be effective, you need a way to check the prerequisites and make sure they re installed on the target machine. In the following sections, we will discuss bootstrapping a ClickOnce application to install the application prerequisites and to ensure that the prerequisites exist on the client prior to installing the ClickOnce application.
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You will use the standard Application Bar icons that came pre-installed with Microsoft Expression Blend for Windows Phone. By default, the icons are installed in the C:\Program Files\Microsoft SDKs\Windows phone\v7.0\Icons folder. Within that folder, go to the subfolder called dark, and, using Windows Explorer, copy the following icons into the images folder within your application:,, and Now you need to make the icons part of your solution. Highlight all three icons, and press F4 to bring up the Properties dialog. For the Build Action property, specify Content. Then, select Copy Always for the Copy to Output Directory property. With icons ready for use in the Application Bar, you are ready to add an Application Bar to MainPage.xaml (for an in-depth explanation of how to add and use an Application Bar within your application, please refer to 7). Open MainPage.xaml, and paste the following code at the end of the XAML file just before the </phone:PhoneApplicationPage> closing tag. This XAML replaces the auto-generated template for the Application Bar:
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public class Book { public string Title { get; set; } public string ISBN { get; set; } } } 4. Now that you have Book defined, you need to create an instance of Book and set it to the LayoutRoot s DataContext, as follows: void Page_Loaded(object sender, RoutedEventArgs e) { Book b = new Book() { Title = "Beginning Silverlight 4: From Novice to Professional", ISBN = "978-1430229889" }; this.LayoutRoot.DataContext = b; } When you set up binding definitions for different controls, the controls do not know where they are going to get their data. The DataContext property sets the data context for a control that is participating in data binding. The DataContext property can be set directly on the control. If a given control does not have a DataContext property specified, it will look to its parent for its data context. The nice thing about this model is that if you look above in the XAML for the page, you will see little indication of where the controls are getting their data. This provides an extreme level of code separation, allowing designers to design XAML UIs and developers to work alongside the designers, defining the specifics of how the controls are bound to their data sources. 5. At this point, you can go ahead and start debugging the application. If all goes well, you will see the four text boxes populated with the data from the Book s instance (see Figure 5-2). With the application running, change the book title in the first text box to just Beginning Silverlight, by removing the From Novice to Professional. You might expect that, since the third text box is bound to the same data, it will automatically update to reflect this change. However, a couple of things need to be done to get this type of two-way binding to work. One problem is that, currently, the Book class does not support notifying bound clients of changes to its properties. In other words, when a property changes in Book, the class will not notify the TextBox instances that are bound to the class of the change. You could take care of this by creating a change event for each property. This is far from ideal; fortunately, there is an interface that a class can implement that handles this for you. This interface is known as INotifyPropertyChanged. Let s use it.
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An OLTP system provides instant updates of data. There is a good chance that an OLTP database system has a separate user front end written in a .NET language such as Visual Basic .NET
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Server2:: MyWorkerObject Server1:: MyRemoteObject
anything and it would prevent you from preparing the commands if the program were designed to do this.
Everybody wants to be remembered. The portlet specification makes allowance for this by suggesting that portals should acquire and then provide to their portlets a set of personal information. This is provided to the portlet in the PortletRequest so that it is available to render and action methods. No mechanism is provided to the portlet to alter this information it is under the direct control of the portlet container. The idea is that a portlet will be able to greet users by name and access their personal information silently to avoid the need for tedious form filling. For example, an e-commerce portlet might select the user s home address from the user attributes when dispatching an order. An e-mail portlet would probably make use of the name information.
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