Coding the ViewEdit Button Event in Office Word

Generate QR Code in Office Word Coding the ViewEdit Button Event

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After the CLR has resolved the assembly reference based on its (full) assembly name, it can locate the referenced assemblies through the process described previously and load them. Whereas private assemblies and <codeBase> configuration basically enables xcopy deployment, putting an assembly into the Global Assembly Cache requires an extra installation step.
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// Extract all the user data if ((customTrackingRecord != null) && (customTrackingRecord.Data.Count > 0)) { foreach (string key in customTrackingRecord.Data.Keys) { switch (key) { case "QueueInstanceKey": if (customTrackingRecord.Data[key] != null) t.QueueInstanceKey = (Guid)customTrackingRecord.Data[key]; break; case "SubQueueID": if (customTrackingRecord.Data[key] != null) t.SubQueueID = (int)customTrackingRecord.Data[key]; break; case "QC": if (customTrackingRecord.Data[key] != null) t.QC = (bool)customTrackingRecord.Data[key]; break; case "OperatorKey": if (customTrackingRecord.Data[key] != null) t.OperatorKey = (Guid)customTrackingRecord.Data[key]; break; } } } if (t.SubQueueID != null && t.QC == null) t.QC = false;
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Debug.WriteLine("Application Closing"); qrcode generate
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There will be times when you want to group together data from more than one table, or perhaps only allow users to see specific information from a particular table, where some of the columns may contain sensitive or even irrelevant data. A view can take one or more columns from one or more tables and present this information to a user, without the user accessing the actual underlying tables. A view protects the data layer while allowing access to the data. All of these scenarios can be seen as the basis and reason for building a view rather than another method of data extraction. If you are familiar with MS Access, views are similar to Access queries. Because a view represents data as if it was another table, a virtual table in fact, it is also possible to create a view of a view. Let s take a look at how a view works. As you know, we have a customer table that holds information about our customers such as their first name, last name, account number, and balances. There will be times when you want your users to have access to only the first and last names, but not to the other sensitive data. This is where a view comes into play. You would create a view that returns only a customer s first and last name but no other information. Creating a view can give a user enough information to satisfy a query he or she may have about data within a database without that user having to know any T-SQL commands. A view actually stores the query that creates it, and when you execute the view, the underlying query is the code that is being executed. The underlying code can be as complex as required, therefore leaving the end user with a simple SELECT * command to run with perhaps a small amount of filtering via a simple WHERE statement. From a view, in addition to retrieving data, you can also modify the data that is being displayed, delete data, and in some situations insert new data. There are several rules and limitations for deleting, modifying, and inserting data from multitable views, some of which will be covered in the Indexing a View section later in the chapter. However, a view is not a tool for processing data using T-SQL commands, like a stored procedure is. A view is only able to hold one query at a time. Therefore, a view is more like a query than a stored procedure. Just as with a stored procedure or a query within a Query Editor pane, you can include tables from databases that are running on different servers. Providing the user ID has the necessary security credentials, it is possible to include tables from several databases. So to summarize, a view is a virtual table created by a stored SQL statement that can span multiple tables. Views can be used as a method of security within your database, and they provide a simpler front end to a user querying the data. Later in the chapter, you will see how to build a view and how all of these ideas are put into practice. Before we get to that, let s look in more depth at how a view can be used as a security vehicle.
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Range Predicates
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Testing Azure WCF NotepadService on Your Machine
You declared a type, Images, to access the database and provide methods for the form components to easily get and display images. In its constructor, you connected to the database and created a data reader to handle the result set of a query that retrieves all the images you stored earlier:
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CHAPTER 7: Client Management
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