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network screen, choose the network your metadata will run on and click on the Continue button, as seen in Figure 4-14.
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Politicking, or Not
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As you ve seen in the previous chapter, both the client-side and the server-side sink chain can call dynamic sinks. On the server side this is done by the CrossContextChannel and on the client side by the ClientContextTerminatorSink. Dynamic sinks are associated with a specific context (you can read more about contexts in 11) and therefore will be called for all calls passing a context boundary. They cannot be assigned to a specific channel and will even be called for local cross-context or crossAppDomain calls. The sinks are created by dynamic context properties, which are classes implementing IDynamicProperty and IContributeDynamicSink.
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-w: Exit after specified number of seconds (such as -w 5)
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registry.setListener(new FileSelectionListener()); registry.invoke(toSend); } private class FileSelectionListener implements ResponseListener { public void invocationResponseNotify(Registry registry) { Invocation response = registry.getResponse(true); if (response.getStatus() == Invocation.ERROR) { System.err.println("Invocation failed"); } else if (response.getStatus() == Invocation.OK) { String fileName = response.getArgs()[0]; System.out.println("Selected file " + fileName); } } }
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RSS has been a revolutionary force in finding and distributing content on the Web. The ability of a site or program to query other sites about what content is available has led to the advent of aggregator sites such as Weblogs (, Feedster (, Bloglines (, and Technorati ( These sites regularly access RSS feeds from around the Web and catalog the results. RSS also allows visitors to your site to subscribe to your content using popular feed readers like FeedDemon (, SharpReader (, NetNewsWire (, and iPodder ( The widespread use of syndication and subscription has led to a vast improvement in the delivery of targeted information on the Web. Not only do individuals have more tools to filter and collect information of interest, but the entire cycle of publishing and discovery has been shortened dramatically. Your feed reader will tell you whenever it detects new content on sites to which you have subscribed. Drupal 4.7 includes support for aggregating content for the various syndication specifications, including all versions of RSS and Atom. Drupal s Aggregator module reads syndicated feeds from other sites, in essence allowing your Drupal site to act as a feed reader. It will publish the titles, headlines, and teasers from articles and posts in the feeds, as well as provide links to the original content. Thus, your site
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Figure 10-17. Complete Yahoo! pipes
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Table 3-7 shows the escape characters you can use in strings and characters.
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CHAPTER 16: Server Security
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If you click the Manage and then Comments, you will get to the Manage Comments page. In the example shown in Figure 15-15, you can see three comments. The middle one (from Fred Flintstone) is a lighter gray than the others. This is because that comment hasn t been approved yet.
your outgoing message. A flat directory structure containing the template files and images could be checked at runtime, allowing the images to be attached programmatically with CIDs based on their (necessarily unique) filenames. If generated files (for example, PDFs created by using the view technologies described in 6) are to be attached, the path to the file and a suitable unique identifier can be passed in with the model information.
Add monitor settings by importing the configuration from your monitor driver CD. This is useful if your monitor is relatively new and features a resolution higher than the resolutions in the generic manufacturer list. To use the import feature, insert the driver CD and click the Add button. The import window will be displayed, as shown in Figure 6-5. Click File System on the left pane and in the right pane, double-click media. Then double-click cdrom to be able to view the contents of your CD. Browse the CD until you find the .inf file of your monitor, and then click Import. At this point, you should be able to select the exact model from the monitor model list. Click the Detect button to let the Screens and Graphics utility detect the horizontal range and vertical refresh rate. However, this just reverts the setting back to plug-and-play detection, which obviously hasn t worked on your particular system because you were unable to boot up. Fine-tune the settings by specifying whether the monitor is the widescreen type. See Table 6-1 for guidance on typical resolutions for monitors, although you should refer to your monitor documentation as well, especially if you re using a widescreen monitor (or a notebook with a widescreen display).
When you drag and drop, have you thought about the ideal location to drop the report items on the designer surface Well, I d say go with your own flow. I typically just drop them on the top-right corner of the design surface and later move them according to the report design. Make sure to align all text boxes to center except the text box that will hold page numbers. After adding the report items to the design surface, you ll see that the header section is ready with the look and feel. It is important to check with the requirements often to help you reduce the number of design errors. Let s change the properties of the report items to make them work. By this time, you know that, as you drop report items onto the design surface, they assume default names like TextBox1 or TextBox5. It is good to give them some meaningful names, so later, it ll be easy to make a reference to them. Report item properties are changed in one of these two ways: select the report item, rightclick it, and select Properties or access the general properties toolbox. Let s start changing properties; after selecting each text box, please specify the values according to Table 7-2. Table 7-2. Report Item Properties for the Header
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