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There is no doubt that the DataSet class provides rich XML functionality, but what if you need to do the following in your application Sort, filter, and bind the data effectively in your application Apply XSLT transformations and run XPath expressions Work with your XML data in a relational manner, still keeping its hierarchical nature intact All the preceding requirements call for a technique that will bridge the relational model of DataSet and the hierarchical model of XmlDocument, and the XmlDataDocument provides just such a bridge. It allows you to synchronize data from a DataSet and an XML document, and inherits from XmlDocument as the base class. Naturally, it provides all the functionality of DOM. An XmlDataDocument class can be constructed in two ways depending on your requirement: From a DataSet From an XML document
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Administering Blocks
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MANY PORTAL APPLICATIONS will have a business requirement to provide charting, reporting, or other analysis tools. These could be part of a sales forecasting system, a financial reporting tool, or a customer service application. In one possible architecture, basic functionality for accessing and modifying charts or reports could belong to a front-end portlet application, with an enterprise information system (EIS) on the back-end. In many cases, the EIS already exists, either as a custom-built application or as a packaged product. Packaged products may have charting, reporting, or analysis tools, although these may not be completely customizable or deployable in a portlet environment. If you are developing the EIS at the same time as the portlet application, you can design an API to enable data extraction for charting or reporting. Patching in a data access layer after the EIS is completed will probably be more complicated. In either case, creating a specification that defines the needed data and goals of the application will help create usable portlets. Sample charts are an easy way to define requirements for the application. By creating examples early in the process, developers and customers can set expectations for the project. Sometimes the charting tools will not be at the level needed for the sample charts. Knowing this ahead of time, developers can factor in additional development time for the project. Choosing a charting component that comes with source code is an efficient way to provide more business value for your customers and speed up your development. In this chapter, we use an open source product for charting named JFreeChart. Although many other commercial and open source charting products and tools are available, JFreeChart is widely used, has a large selection of charts, and is integrated into several reporting tools, such as Jasper Reports and JFreeReport.
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Simply typing a bang symbol on its own starts a shell session on the local machine, so you can perform even more tasks. When you re finished, type exit to return to the sftp program. For a list of popular sftp commands, see Table 33-1.
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Be aware that using the visual confirmation system may impede users that require the assistance of a screen reader, as the screen reader will be unable to interpret the contents of the image. phpBB recognizes this can be a problem and provides a link to the administrator e-mail address you provided when you set up phpBB (which you can change through the Administration panel, under Configuration). This gives users who may have difficulty with your image the opportunity to contact you to assist with registration. If you are contacted by a user who is having problems with visual confirmation, simply register the account for her under her e-mail address. phpBB will e-mail the user directly with the requisite registration information. Despite the potential for this problem, I still heartily endorse using visual confirmation in your registration form.
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Caution Hibernate doesn t work on all systems. The best plan is to test it by selecting System Quit and selecting Hibernate. Even if Hibernate appears to work, there are reports of it being unreliable. Some users report that their computer occasionally fails to wake up, causing a loss of data. Therefore, you should always save any open files before using the hibernate function or before leaving your computer unattended for any period in which hibernate mode might kick in automatically.
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Versioning of Client-Activated Objects
Figure 7-14. Debug in Zone feature within Visual Studio 2005
When the secondary custom IClientChannelSink object, MyChannelSink, is called, it pushes itself onto the stack and calls the AsyncProcessRequest() method of HttpClientTransportSink. In Figure 11-13 you can see the resulting channel sink stack before the HTTP request is sent.
As mentioned in the preceding section, ApplicationContext implementations allow for file-like resources to be injected based on path strings given in the configuration file. This capability arises from the ResourceLoader superinterface. For a file-like resource to be injectable on a bean, the receiving property must be specified as an implementation of the interface. The resource type to be used will be determined by looking for the prefix on the property value.
Any string Any path
The PHP mbstring extension is required to support Drupal in handling text in the UTF-8 character encoding format (Unicode). In order for Drupal to be able to manipulate images (such as for making thumbnails), you need to have a PHP extension to support it. You can use either the GD library (included with PHP or ImageMagick ( PHP Directives Drupal requires PHP to be configured with the following specific directives in order to function correctly: session.save_handler: user session.cache_limiter: none memory_limit: 24M (recommended) The 24M memory limit is the upper limit of what will ever be used; the average usage is much lower. However, PHP s default limit of 8M is too low for some Drupal operations and will cause problems. You can configure these directives directly in the php.ini file, or if you are using an Apache web server, through the .htaccess file (included with the Drupal installation). Setting the directives using an .htaccess file also requires that the Apache web server be configured to allow this (see the AllowOverride directive for Apache at ATusing-htaccess.html). PHP will also need to be installed as an Apache module for .htaccess support.
Configuration from JNDI
The Arithmetic
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