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Then back in our Script block we could add the code to control the Papervision.
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that you used to instrument the stored procedure, so you can capture and display the error numbers from the INSERT and DELETE statements. You marked the beginning of the transaction with a BEGIN TRANSACTION statement and follow it with the INSERT and DELETE statements that are part of the transaction. After each statement, you save the return number for it.
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One part of this implementation is new: the SetupHost() method. The LeadResponse application will be receiving messages from the LeadGenerator application. A special type of ServiceHost (called a WorkflowServiceHost) is needed to listen for the WCF messages. When a message is received, a WorkflowServiceHost initiates a workflow instance by using a WorkflowService. The implementation of the WorkflowService should look familiar to you. The Body property specifies that the WorkAssignment workflow should be started. (You will implement this a little later.) The Endpoint property indicates the address, binding, and contract that define WCF endpoint.
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create procedure sp_Orders_By_EmployeeId2 @employeeid int, @ordercount int = 0 output as
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In those pioneering days, it wasn t easy to make your own web page. One of the earliest barriers to publishing web pages was the technology. You needed to learn the language of the Web, HTML, and the mechanics of publishing your pages, FTP You could create web pages by hand, . but soon there were many tools to help you with this endeavor. As HTML and the Web matured, the techniques available to use on web pages grew at an incredible pace. Pages became more and more sophisticated. There were new ways to present your pages: JavaScript menus, frames, dynamic HTML, and more. The publishing tools evolved to keep up with these techniques. Each new page you created could take advantage of the newest tools and techniques. But what about your old pages Maintenance became a big problem. Should you go back and manually re-create your old pages in the newest style to match your site Or should you leave them alone, even though they often looked out of place and disjointed Many sites were abandoned after their initial creation because of this dilemma; the cost of maintenance was too high. Commercial sites had already realized this problem and were solving it with big, complicated, and expensive content management systems (CMS). These systems were often created in-house or were prohibitively expensive for Joe Public. They were certainly not suitable for someone who only wanted to publish pictures of the new kittens or had decided that every page now needed to have that great animated butterfly GIF she just found.
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Figure 5-59. Page setup to make the report render on A4 page size As usual, you may wish to put your name in the Author field and fill in the Description field.
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Receive pipeline: Receive pipelines are BizTalk components that support various types of message construction. In addition, pipelines can be extended via .NET code through the BizTalk interface iComponent. Common uses of pipelines are to enable message transformation for non-XML messages, such as a flat file format or a recordset from a database. In addition, receive pipelines can also be specified for well-formed XML messages. Service window: Service window properties enable constraints on when a receive location is active by date and time filters. This might be useful when dealing with cost-prohibitive communication entities or nondedicated transport.
The same using statements are needed as for the server: using using using using using System.Runtime.Remoting; General; System; System.Runtime.Remoting.Channels.Http; System.Runtime.Remoting.Channels;
Figure 1-6. Run FlexUnit Tests In the next window, you can select the Test Suites and Test Cases. In your case, you only have one Test Suite to select and no Test Cases since you have not created any tests in your Test Case class (see Figure 1-7).
Keep in mind that there s little point in making backups if you leave the resultant archive files on your hard disk. For full backup protection, the archives should be stored elsewhere, such as on an external hard disk, network mount, or CD/DVD-ROM. Consider using GNOME s CD/DVD Creator (click Go CD/DVD Creator on the menu of any open Nautilus window or Places CD/DVD Creator from the desktop).
Example: Probabilistic Workflows
Dim count As Integer = CType(cmd.ExecuteScalar(), Integer) Console.WriteLine("Number of Employees is: " & count)
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