Creating a Self-Signed Certificate in Word document

Draw qr-codes in Word document Creating a Self-Signed Certificate

Figure 11-4. Add the ReportViewer to the project. Please make sure you set the properties in Table 11-1. After you specify all properties, your Form1 should look similar to Figure 11-5. Table 11-1. Property Settings for the Web Site
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ProxyName ProxyPassword
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Now that we have the services configured, we need to assign name servers. In order to set up DNS, we will use the -setdnsservers option with networksetup. In this case, our DNS servers are and When using the -setdnsservers option, you simply list the primary name server, followed by the secondary name server and any tertiary name servers. DNS is used on WiredNetwork as WirelessNetwork picks up DNS from DHCP:
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s Note If you re building the project for the first time in debug mode, click OK at the Debugging Not
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Orchestration steps are mapped to this shape. Some orchestration steps cannot be mapped to this shape including Termination shapes and any steps included within a Loop shape. You can specify data items from messages in orchestrations or pipelines. Additionally, you can specify context property information for those messages. This value can be user generated and identified from a message. However, the field must be unique, because it is a key in a SQL Server table. If no value is mapped in the Tracking Profile Editor, BAM will automatically generate this value. Used in conjunction with ContinuationID to allow multiple components to populate the same activity. For example, if Orchestration A depends on Orchestration B and both contribute data to the same activity, then a continuation folder would be created and mapped to a data item in Orchestration A that is carried over to Orchestration B. ContinuationID is mapped to the data item in Orchestration B that was passed from Orchestration A. Relationships are especially useful in relating two activities for a single orchestration. For example, if you have an orchestration with a Loop shape, the orchestration and the Loop shape must be represented by separate activities. Via the relationship folder, you can create a relationship between the two activities. The file name can be mapped from either a schema value or a context property on the message.
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<s:CheckBox id="isTransactionCheckBox" x="18" y="284" label="isTransaction" selected="false" change="if ( isTransactionCheckBox.selected ) { database.beginTransaction(); rollbackBtn.enabled = true; setSavePointBtn.enabled = true; releaseSavePointBtn.enabled = true; rollbackToSavePoint.enabled = true; } else { database.stopTransactionAndCommit(); rollbackBtn.enabled = false; setSavePointBtn.enabled = false; releaseSavePointBtn.enabled = false; rollbackToSavePoint.enabled = false; }"
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When securing a web application, our primary concern should be to prevent access to the application as a whole and then to open up access for specific groups of users to specific components. This deny by default rule reduces the impact of errors of omission when configuring the security of a system. In our example web application, the application as a whole is offlimits to all users unless they log in. Furthermore, there are parts of the application that are off-limits to all logged-in users unless they are administrators. The configuration examples in this chapter illustrate these three parts of the application: anonymous, user, and administrator accessible. Naturally, we do not want to embed security-related code into all of our service classes, DAOs, controller classes, and so forth. We want to set up our rules quite independently so that we will not have to change the implementation details if the access rules change.
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As the HTML is within a <div> that is styled as position:absolute, it can be positioned anywhere on the page, including the same location as the Silverlight control. If the Silverlight control has isWindowless=true, then you will see it; otherwise, it will be hidden behind the Silverlight control.
People often believe that because SQL Server Express is free it must not be as good as SQL Server. But actually SQL Server Express Edition is SQL Server. Before getting into details, let s first establish that SQL stands for Structured Query Language. The database understands this language and allows you to manipulate the data and structures with it. In this section, we outline the key difference between SQL Server Express and the other SQL Server versions. SQL Server is installed as a windows service, which is a piece of software running in the background. There are many services installed with an operating system that perform work in the background you may be unaware of. For example, the indexing service improves performance when searching for files on your computer, or you may have antivirus software installed on your computer that will also be running as a service in the background. In the same manner, SQL Server Express runs as a service in the background waiting for connections. What makes SQL Server unique when compared to other software is that it may be installed multiple times on the same computer. There are very good reasons for this. With the full version of SQL Server, you can specify what central processing unit (CPU) the service should use. If you install multiple instances of SQL Server on a computer that has multiple CPUs, you can tell each instance to use a specific CPU and enhance performance. You will notice in that last statement we used the word instance. Each time you install SQL Server on the same computer, you install what is called an instance of SQL Server. In fact, you can install up to 50 instances on one computer. Each instance must be given its own name. When you install SQL Server Express Edition for the first time, you install the default instance. In previous versions of SQL Server, the default instance did not have a name; it was simply referred to as the default instance. However, in SQL Server Express, the default instance is called SQLEXPRESS. You refer to any instance of SQL Server by its fully qualified name, which is broken down as <computer name>\<instance name>. If you are dealing with a local machine, as you will be doing throughout this book, you can use a dot as the computer name. Now that we have discussed SQL Server Express instances and SQL Server connections, let s put the two together. As we explained earlier, SQL Express runs as a windows service. It is simply running in the background while we are typing this chapter, minding its own business,
The Customer E-mail List by Country report output in Excel format should look similar to Figure 7-4.
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