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Template file that provides the content of the pop-up window that appears when a new private message is received Template file that provides preview functionality for sending private messages Template file for reading a private message Template file for the form to edit user profiles Template file used in generating the avatar gallery Template file that provides the interface to sending e-mail to users (when board e-mail is enabled) Template file for the page that sends new passwords Template file for the page where people view user profiles Template file that contains the main search form Template file that is used for results displayed as posts Template file that is used for results displayed as topics Template file used for searches for posts made under a given username Footer file used in small pop-up windows and topic review Header file used in small pop-up windows and topic review Template file used for laying out the contents of a forum Template file used for displaying the Who s Online page Template file used in laying out a topic page Template file containing a block of HTML for displaying a poll ballot Template file containing a block of HTML for displaying poll results CSS file containing rules for modern browsers (Internet Explorer 4 and later; Mozilla browsers, and so on) that are ignored by other, older browsers (Netscape 4.x, Internet Explorer 3.0, and so on) to help maximize compatibility The master external style sheet for the subSilver theme
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The SQL receive adapter contains many items for configuration. Table 6 6 lists the items worth noting. The SQL adapter receive location differs from other BizTalk receive locations in that each SQL receive location identifies a specific message type that is received from a database. If you expect to receive multiple types of messages, you must construct a SQL receive port for each unique message type. The SQL adapter is configured for each unique message type through the Document Root Element Name node and the Document Target Namespace node. Additionally, each SQL receive location is configured to execute a specific SQL stored procedure or command. Table 6 6. SQL Receive Adapter Configuration
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CHAPTER 2: Services, Daemons, and Processes
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Game Controller
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</xsl:choose> </td> </tr> </xsl:for-each> </table> </body> </html> </xsl:template> </xsl:stylesheet> Notice the markup in bold. The <xsl:choose> element starts the switch statement. Each individual <xsl:when> element tests a specific condition. In our example, we check whether the <notes> element contains BA, BS, or BTS, and accordingly emit the qualification of the employee. If the test fails, the markup from <xsl:otherwise> is emitted. Figure 6-4 shows the table with the Qualification column added.
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public: Atom(Point3D pos, unsigned int a, unsigned int n) : position(pos), atomicNumber(a), isotopeNumber(n) { } Point3D GetPosition() { return position; } void SetPosition(Point3D new_position) { position = new_position; } // The rest of the code is unchanged. }; The value type Point3D is used as a member, return value, and parameter type. In all cases you use it without the handle. You ll see later that you can have a handle to a value type, but as this code is written, the value type is copied when it is used as a parameter, and when it is returned. Also, when used as a member for the position field, it takes up space in the memory layout of the containing Atom class, rather than existing in an independent location. This is different from the managed array implementation, in which the elements in the pos array were in a separate heap location. Intensive computations with this class using the value struct should be faster than the array implementation. This is the sweet spot for value types they are very efficient for small objects.
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Inline Properties
Figure 4-2. NUnitEx1 Solution Explorer
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