Creating a Cloud Service to Access the Cloud Database in Word document

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This will show the free space in terms of megabytes or gigabytes for each partition, also expressed as a percentage figure. If the disk does start to get full, you can take steps to make more space available.
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Hold your breath I m going to start the install! As you can see in Figure 8-18, it worked, largely because I had the chance to do all the tests beforehand. The installer is vastly improved.
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Attributes may be set on the request with the setAttribute() method. This method takes the name of the attribute as a String and the value as an Object. The general naming convention for request attributes is the same as those used for naming Java packages. Portlets can overwrite attributes in the portlet request. If attributes need to be removed from the request, the removeAttribute() method is used.
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Transpose type Vector<'T> .[] NumRows GetSlice Transpose
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While it's not required to rename your network services, people often do. As you can see, it's quick and easy and can save you a bunch of time in the future in terms of troubleshooting, remote support, and automation facilitation. Renaming is very specific; the command looks for a pattern in the name and replaces it with a new pattern. So Built-in Ethernet would need to be enclosed in quotes, "Built-in Ethernet", and so forth. Now let's go ahead and rename the other services to WirelessNetwork using the following command:
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s Note When you drag and drop a text box to the design surface, the default size of the text box is
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Note By convention, uppercase type-variable names are used for user-declared type parameters, and
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<bean id="freemarkerConfig" class="org.springframework.web.servlet.view.freemarker.FreeMarkerConfigurer"> <property name="templateLoaderPath" value="/WEB-INF/freemarker/"/> </bean> Listing 6-32 shows the corresponding configuration of the FreeMarker view resolver.
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While the connected property might seem to be highly useful, apps tend to use a different method altogether when querying whether or not an accessory is available. In
Figure 15-4. Print dialog box for the SimplePrinting application Select the desired printer and press Print. If all goes well, the content that is printed should be just as you see on the screen in Figure 15-5.
Namespace FirstApp Class Program Shared Sub Main(ByVal args() As String) Console.WriteLine("Welcome to VB 9.0") Console.ReadLine() End Sub End Class End Namespace
The ConfigHelper implementation sets up the mock object that will be supplied to the JdbcUserAccountDaoImpl implementation class. The unit test for the JDBC-based UserAccount class is shown in Listing 10-9.
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The strategy of always using the values from cheapest index looks to me like a bug, but it could be deliberate. However, it does have some odd side effects. When I used the dbms_stats.set_index_stats procedure to change the number of leaf_blocks recorded for the hair_code index from 4,690 down to (exactly) 1,127, the optimizer decided to use it without needing a hint, and did a four-index bitmap and. However, when I ran this modified test, the reported cost of using the fourth index to resolve the query was 336, whereas the reported cost of using the three indexes had previously been only 314. In other words, the optimizer had voluntarily selected an extra index despite the fact that this increased the cost of the query and the optimizer is always supposed to select the cheapest plan unless hinted otherwise. When I saw this anomaly, I decided that it was a bit risky to assume that it was a genuine effect, rather than a strange consequence of a slightly hacked data dictionary so I rebuilt the test case, sorting the data on the hair_code column, and tried again (see script bitmap_cost_03a.sql in the online code suite). This had exactly the same effect as hacking the statistics. The optimizer selected four indexes for the execution plan, even though it reported the three index option as cheaper when I dropped the fourth index or disabled it with a no_index() hint. There is clearly something wrong in the code for costing (or perhaps reporting the cost of) bitmap indexes. As a quick check of the theory that very low cardinality indexes are not generally useful, I reran the original query a few more times, with various hints to disable some of the indexes. The results, shown in Table 8-5, did not entirely conform to my expectations. Table 8-5. Cost Variations As We Disable Selected Indexes
In the code-behind model, there are two distinct files per web form: one with an extension of .aspx, and the other with an extension of .cs if you are using C# or .vb if you are using VB.NET. This latter file is referred to as the code-behind file of the web form. The .ASPX file contains the entire HTML and server control markup. The .CS file contains all the code including event handlers and user-defined functions. In our examples, we will be using the code-behind model for all our web forms.
The next step is to configure the physical path on your hard drive to where the files for this web application will be stored. This can have the same name as the virtual directory, but this is not necessary. The location can be anywhere on your drive, but the typical location for web content is under C:\InetPub\wwwroot. You can see this step in Figure 6-4.
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