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and execute it to create the stored procedure.
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The servlet request is forwarded to the named controller, with the request and response objects from the forwarding controller. The request can be populated with a model object exactly as if it were being forwarded to any normal view. The receiving controller will pass through all the normal life cycle phases, so it does not need to be written to be aware that it may receive forwarded requests. The second and more-complicated of the mechanisms is the redirect: prefix shown in Listing 6-35.
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create procedure sp_DbException_1 as set nocount on declare @ordercount int select @ordercount = count(*) from orders
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Listing 7-7. Defining the Logical Thread Affinative Objects using System; using System.Runtime.Remoting.Messaging; namespace General { [Serializable] public class LogSettings: ILogicalThreadAffinative { public bool EnableLog; } public interface IRemoteCustomerManager { Customer GetCustomer(int id); } [Serializable] public class Customer { // implementation removed } } On the client side, you can now check for the command-line switch, and if necessary create a new LogSettings object and store it in the CallContext using its SetData() method, as shown in Listing 7-8. Listing 7-8. Storing the LogSettings in the CallContext static void Main(string[] args) { String filename = AppDomain.CurrentDomain.SetupInformation.ConfigurationFile; RemotingConfiguration.Configure(filename); if (args.Length > 0 && args[0].ToLower() == "/enablelog") { LogSettings ls = new LogSettings(); ls.EnableLog = true; CallContext.SetData("log_settings", ls); } IRemoteCustomerManager mgr = (IRemoteCustomerManager) RemotingHelper.CreateProxy(typeof(IRemoteCustomerManager)); // the callcontext will be transferred automatically Customer cust = mgr.GetCustomer(42);
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Using the Blend Artifacts in Visual Studio
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Envelopes provide the means to group multiple messages into one XML document. In the preceding example, the envelope was used to disassemble individual order documents from a single enveloped document containing a batch of orders. Once the envelope and document schemas (OrderEnvelope and Order in the example) have been deployed, BizTalk Server has the ability to leverage the two in message processing. The following XML represents one possible instance of the envelope schema: <ns0:OrderEnvelope xmlns:ns0="http://EnvelopeSolution.OrderEnvelope"> <BatchID>BatchID_0</BatchID> <Orders> <ns0:Order xmlns:ns0="http://EnvelopeSolution.Order"> <OrderID>1</OrderID> <OrderAmount>1.00</OrderAmount> </ns0:Order> <ns0:Order xmlns:ns0="http://EnvelopeSolution.Order"> <OrderID>2</OrderID> <OrderAmount>2.00</OrderAmount> </ns0:Order> </Orders> </ns0:OrderEnvelope> When passed through an XML disassembler pipeline component in BizTalk Server, the preceding XML message will produce the following two XML documents, which can be processed individually: <ns0:Order xmlns:ns0="http://EnvelopeSolution.Order"> <OrderID>1</OrderID> <OrderAmount>1.00</OrderAmount> </ns0:Order> <ns0:Order xmlns:ns0="http://EnvelopeSolution.Order"> <OrderID>2</OrderID> <OrderAmount>2.00</OrderAmount> </ns0:Order> As these order documents are split up into separate messages within BizTalk Server, they can undergo different forms of business logic or be delivered to a different destination, depending on their properties (see Recipe 2 4 for more information about property-based subscriptions). The key data element that allows envelope processing in BizTalk server is the Body XPath property. This data element acts as a pointer to the container record that encapsulates or surrounds the child
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Many great web services are available on the Internet. For instance, Microsoft s TerraService is a free web service at msrmaps.com; it enables you to integrate USGS images and data into your applications. webservicex.net is another great source for web services; for instance, its WeatherForecast web service can supply weather information for any given U.S. location. Calling these and other web services in your .NET applications is painless using F# web references. Finally, www.programmableweb.com is an excellent online directory with a huge number of well-documented web services, using both SOAP and other protocols such as REST.
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Figure 2 45. The properties are based on the namespace given to the SOAP Header schema
Hello World Example
Then we assign the name of the Kerberos realm that the user should be logged in to:
CHAPTER 10: iPhone
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