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perform tests against filesystem objects. Two of the most common unary operators are f and d, which respectively test for the presence of a file or directory.
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Recommendation: Use Object Interface Types Instead of Tuples or Records of Functions
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Join Selectivity = ((num_rows(t1) - num_nulls(t1.c1)) / num_rows(t1)) * ((num_rows(t2) - num_nulls(t2.c2)) / num_rows(t2)) / greater(num_distinct(t1.c1), num_distinct(t2.c2)) Join Cardinality = Join Selectivity * filtered cardinality(t1) * filtered cardinality(t2) To translate: assume we are joining tables t1 and t2 on columns c1 and c2, respectively. We check user_tables for the num_rows in each of the two tables and check view user_tab_ col_statistics for the num_nulls and num_distinct for the two columns, and slot these values into the formula for join selectivity. (Later you will see that there is a variation of the formula that uses the density rather than the num_distinct.) The join cardinality, however, includes the filtered cardinality of each table. Remember that a general SQL statement may have some predicates other than the join predicates. These extra filter predicates are the ones that should be applied to the tables first to derive the filtered cardinality and it is possible that some of the join predicates may also function as filter predicates. The easiest way to explain the formula is through an example. The following is an extract from the script join_card_01.sql in the online code suite. As usual, my demonstration environment starts with an 8KB block size and 1MB extents, locally managed tablespaces, manual segment space management, and system statistics (CPU costing) disabled. create table t1 as select trunc(dbms_random.value(0, 25 )) trunc(dbms_random.value(0, 30 )) lpad(rownum,10) rpad('x',100) from all_objects where rownum <= 10000 ; create table t2 as select trunc(dbms_random.value(0, 50 )) trunc(dbms_random.value(0, 40 )) lpad(rownum,10) rpad('x',100) from all_objects where rownum <= 10000 ; --
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R::f1 R::f2 R::f1 R::f2
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Figure 14-4. The Code view The code editor window displays all the code functionality. In Figure 14-4, note the Form1.vb tab (in which you see Code view) is beside the Form1.vb [Design] tab, which is actually the Design mode of the Windows Form Form1; these tabs allow you to switch between all the GUI elements of Design view and the related code in Code view that helps you to achieve functionality. Interestingly, if you were to try accessing the Toolbox while in Code view, you
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<fx:Model id="infoVO"> <root> <fullName>John Doe</fullName> <email>john@gmail.com</email> <phone>212-222-2222</phone> <zip>10001</zip> </root> </fx:Model>
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Figure 12 6. Wireless Configuration
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This chapter has led you on your first steps in exploring the Linux file system. The file system is vitally important to how Linux works, and we ll go into it in much depth in upcoming chapters. Here, you were introduced to elementary concepts, such as where personal files are stored and the basic rules that govern what you can and cannot do with files. We also looked at the principal method of accessing files via the GUI: the Nautilus file manager. Additionally, you learned how to run programs manually, as well as how to access any Windows partition or files that may exist on your hard disk or across a network. In Part 4 of this book, starting in the next chapter, we will look at some of the underlying technology that makes Ubuntu work, and how you can gain more control over your computer. 13 introduces the BASH shell perhaps the most powerful piece of software offered by Ubuntu to control your system.
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Note The specifics of how we acquire the authentication information for the currently logged-in user is
The BlackBerry Calendar
WebKit Transitions
made all the following code unnecessary:
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