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After some time, the Ubuntu installation program will start, as shown in Figure 5-5. From the list on the left, choose the language you wish to use when Ubuntu is up and running on your computer (not just during the installation), and then click the Forward button.
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Figure 12-1. ASP .NET AJAX client and server architectures
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ClientChannelSinkStack at ClientChannelSinkStack IClientChannelSinkStack _replySink
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To eliminate any potential confusion between the fake version of the LicenseInformation class you use for testing your application and the real one provided by Microsoft, you will use the var keyword to create an instance of the LicenseInformation class and then use the fully qualified name to help you visually distinguish between your own implementation of LicenseInformation and the implementation provided by Microsoft. Open MainPage.xaml.cs and change the following line of code at the top of the page from LicenseInformation lic = new LicenseInformation(); to var lic = new TrialSample.LicenseInformation();
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While you gather your list of you important customers, go one step further and find out what their most important databases are. This could be done by either (1) asking them or (2) asking others, and then (3) comparing those lists. You could be very surprised to find that they do not match. You will be even more surprised to find how many people can forget about some of their systems and need a gentle reminder about their importance. As DBAs, we treat all databases with equal importance, but we recognize that some databases are indeed more important than others, especially given a particular time of day, week, or month. For example, you could have a mission-critical data warehouse. Everyone in the company could tell you that this system is vital. What they cannot tell you, however, is that it is only used for three days out of the month. So, the database could be offline for 21 days and no one would say a word. Another example would be a trading platform. This system could be used heavily for nine or ten hours each business day. But for the remaining hours of the day it is not used at all. Does that mean that when these systems are not used they are not important No, it does not. What it does mean is that you are gathering more details
This solution will demonstrate how to call the business rules engine from an orchestration, without using a .NET assembly. The basic problem is similar to the previous recipe. The key points of the problem are as follows: Job applications must be processed, and it must be determined whether applicants meet the minimum age requirement. If the applicant is younger than a certain age, then that person cannot be considered for employment. The minimum age is likely to change over time and needs to be easily configurable.
CHAPTER 7: Securing Web Browsers and E-mail
Demoting an Open Directory Master can be done using either the command line or Server Admin. If demotion is done at the command line, the following command would get the job done:
The Portlet Life Cycle
The events associated with any class or object work in some predefined manner. Here, we describe the properties of events and the way the publisher and subscriber works to achieve functionality: The publisher determines when an event is raised; the subscriber determines what action is taken in response to the event. An event can have multiple subscribers. A subscriber can handle multiple events from multiple publishers. Events that have no subscribers are never called. Events are typically used to signal user actions such as button clicks or menu selections in graphical user interfaces. When an event has multiple subscribers, the event handlers are invoked synchronously when an event is raised. Events can be used to synchronize threads. In the .NET Framework class library, events are based on the EventHandler delegate and the EventArgs base class.
You will create the RawNotificationPNClient application to accept raw notifications. This application is similar to the PNClient application you have created in the prior sections of this chapter, yet it has subtle differences from that codebase to warrant a separate project. 1. 2. Launch Visual Studio 2010 Express for Windows Phone and create a new Windows Phone Application project. Name it RawNotificationPNClient. From the Toolbox, drag and drop a text box on the design surface. Rename the text box to txtURI, adjust its width to be the full width of the screen, and adjust its height to be about a quarter of screen s height. Set the text box s TextWrapping property to Wrap and clear out its Text property. From the Toolbox, drag and drop a button on the design surface. Rename the button to btnCreateChannel and set the Content property to Create Channel. Once again, your Windows Phone 7 design surface should now look like Figure 17 6. The Microsoft.Phone.Notification namespace contains the functionality necessary to establish a push notification channel and receive push notifications; therefore you need to add the following using directive at the top of the MainPage.xaml.cs file: using Microsoft.Phone.Notification; using System.Diagnostics; You will now program the button click event handler to create the push notification URL. In the Windows Phone 7 design surface, double-click the Create Channel button and make that button s click event handler look like the following: private void btnCreateChannel_Click(object sender, RoutedEventArgs e) { SetupChannel(); } The SetupChannel function, which follows, is responsible for creating a channel within MPNS to receive updates from the server, as well as to wire up event handlers to fire when the error occurs during communication and when the raw notification is received. Remember that raw notifications are available to the application only when it s running; therefore an event handler must be defined in code that processes raw notifications as they come in. The code that binds the raw notification received event to the httpChannel_HttpNotificationReceived event handler function lives inside the SetupChannel function:
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