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Note: A BlackBerryContactGroup is a special type of address-book entry that represents an address list, such as an email distribution or a working group. These can be read by your application but cannot be modified or removed. A BlackBerryContactGroup is not compatible with a Contact, so do not attempt to cast between the two. BlackBerryContactList provides a useful method, getSortOrder(), that tells you how returned items will be sorted. Depending on the device configuration, this can be BlackBerryContactList.SORT_ORDER_FIRST_NAME, BlackBerryContactList.SORT_ORDER_ LAST_NAME, or BlackBerryContactList.SORT_ORDER_COMPANY. Unfortunately, there is no way to modify the sort order yourself, but this can be helpful for displaying a message to the user or to determine whether you need to sort the results yourself.
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Figure 4 6. Propagating permissions
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The SOAP envelope wraps the SOAP request or response. It is the root element of the SOAP message and is represented by the <soap:Envelope> markup tag. All SOAP messages must have an envelope. SOAP headers are an optional part of a SOAP message. They are used to pass arbitrary data to and from the web service and its client. For example, you can use them to pass authentication information to the web service. A SOAP header is represented by the <soap:Header> markup tag. The SOAP body is a mandatory part of a SOAP message. It includes the actual request or response data in XML format. The SOAP body is represented by the <soap:Body> markup tag. A SOAP fault is an optional part of a SOAP message. It comes into the picture whenever there is a run time exception in the web service. The exception details are enclosed in the <soap:Fault> tag and sent back to the client application.
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Shorthand referring to a computer that connects to a server.
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The PATH Mode
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Figure 5-21. Server Preferences Address Book pane
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In this chapter we looked at the Silverlight Toolkit, an excellent resource with a number of rich controls that Silverlight developers can use. What s even better is that the toolkit provides the full source code, so developers can extend the controls and modify them to meet their specific needs. In the next chapter, we will look at data access and networking in Silverlight.
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CHAPTER 4: Storage
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Touring phpBB 3.0 Templating Improvements
1. Ensure that SQL Server Management Studio is running. 2. Expand the Object Explorer so that you can see the ApressFinancial database, created in 3. 3. Expand the ApressFinancial database so that you can see the Tables node, as shown in Figure 5-2.
Figure 4-2. SMS message structure
Note Sadly, there isn t a Linux version of the Shockwave Director browser plug-in. If you really need to
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