Using Push Notifications in the Real World in Word document

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Declaring the UI Resources
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} private static const REMOTE_PROGRESSIVE:String = " _640_500_short.flv"; } }
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Creating Data Model Using an Object Class
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<Table(Name:="Customers")> _ Public Class Customer
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Figure 4-6. Using the ROW_NUMBER() function
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The key part of this to understand is the fact that the JavaScript proxy has been generated by the service. This creates a SimpleService class that is accessible via JavaScript. With code like this, you call the service, passing the parameters (it takes two integers) and the name of the callback function for a successful result and the callback function for a timeout failure:
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Figure 5 6. Slot machine game setup page
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The files in the download for this chapter are shown in Table 13-9. Table 13-9. 13 Test Cases
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Figure 4-10. Border control with its background set to silver
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Download at
2. You ll see status messages that Windows is loading driver files. Eventually, the
USE [ApressFinancial] GO /****** Object: View [CustomerDetails].[vw_CustFinProducts] Script Date: 08/07/2005 12:31:54 ******/ SET ANSI_NULLS ON GO SET QUOTED_IDENTIFIER ON GO DROP VIEW CustomerDetails.vw_CustFinProducts GO CREATE VIEW [CustomerDetails].[vw_CustFinProducts] WITH SCHEMABINDING AS SELECT c.CustomerFirstName + ' ' + c.CustomerLastName AS CustomerName, c.AccountNumber, fp.ProductName, cp.AmountToCollect, cp.Frequency, cp.LastCollected FROM CustomerDetails.Customers c JOIN CustomerDetails.CustomerProducts cp ON cp.CustomerId = c.CustomerId JOIN CustomerDetails.FinancialProducts fp ON fp.ProductId = cp.FinancialProductId GO SET ANSI_NULLS OFF GO SET QUOTED_IDENTIFIER OFF 5. We can then move back to our pane with the CREATE INDEX statement. Executing that code should be successful now as well. The index on a view has now been successfully created. As you can see, there are a number of restrictions, but not to the point that no index can exist. You just have to think about what you are doing, and if you have a query in your view that contains an item from the preceding list and you wish to create an index, you just have to find a way around it.
Suppose you have an app that uses the network a lot. It would be really nice to use the Wi-Fi connection if it is available. Coding good Wi-Fi support is very difficult in OS versions prior to 4.3. However, many of your users never upgraded to 4.3. In this scenario, you might consider making two different versions of your app, one with Wi-Fi support and one without. This will ensure that your app gets the widest possible usage, and that each user can get the most out of their app. If you take this approach, I highly recommend putting all OS-specific code in a few particular files or packages, rather than scattering them throughout your app. This will make it much easier to maintain two versions of the software in parallel, since you can share the majority of the code between both versions. Pros: This offers a high reach and a high level of performance. Cons: This is the most complicated approach. If you support multiple OS levels, the complexity of your source control and build systems can rapidly explode.
Encryption with Certicom Public Keys
To define a WCF endpoint, there are three pieces of information that must be specified: binding, address, and contract. The binding indicates the protocol that is used (such as HTTP, TCP, and so on). The address indicates where the endpoint can be found, and the type of address used will depend on the binding. For example, with HTTP binding, you would specify a URL. For TCP, the address would be a server name or an IP address. The contract is specified by a ServiceContract, which is an interface that defines the methods that are available at the endpoint. So far, you have defined the messages, which will be passed as parameters in the service methods. Now add the interface definition shown in Listing 8-4 to the same Reservation.cs file. Listing 8-4. Definition of the Service Contract /*****************************************************/ // Define the service contract, ILibraryReservation // which consists of two methods, RequestBook() and // RespondToRequest() /*****************************************************/ [ServiceContract] public interface ILibraryReservation {
create procedure sp_Trans_Try @newcustid nchar(5), @newconame nvarchar(40), @oldcustid nchar(5) as declare @inserr int declare @delerr int declare @maxerr int set @maxerr = 0 begin try begin transaction -- Add a customer insert into customers ( customerid, companyname ) values(@newcustid, @newconame) -- Save error number set @inserr = @@error if @inserr > @maxerr set @maxerr = @inserr -- Delete a customer delete from customers where customerid = @oldcustid
10. Click the Create Account button. Guest accounts allow users to perform basic functions such as surfing the Internet and checking email. Once the guest user logs off, their account s settings are deleted. If you need to give someone access to your computer but would like to keep your data private, enabling a guest account is a quick and dirty way to give them access without going through the trouble of setting up another user account on the machine. NOTE: Clicking on the guest account will allow you to enable the Allow guests to connect to shared folders option, which should only be used in extremely rare cases where you want to allow users without passwords to connect to your computer. Root accounts, or superusers, are powerful user accounts that have full access to the entire filesystem on a Mac. More on root accounts in a bit.
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