The XmlNodeReader class allows you to read XML data from the DOM tree. The constructor of XmlNodeReader takes a parameter of type XmlNode. This XmlNode can be obtained as a result of an XPath query or directly from a DOM document. In terms of properties and methods, the XmlNodeReader class closely resembles the XmlTextReader class.
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Disk I/O
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As discussed in 3, any values compatible with the type seq<type> can be iterated using the for pattern in seq do ... construct. The input seq may be an F# list value, any seq<type>, or a value of any type supporting a GetEnumerator method. Here are some simple examples: > for (b,pj) in [ ("Banana 1",true); ("Banana 2",false) ] do if pj then printfn "%s is in pyjamas today!" b;; Banana 1 is in pyjamas today! The following example iterates the results of a regular expression match. The type returned by the .NET method System.Text.RegularExpressions.Regex.Matches is a MatchCollection, which for reasons known best to the .NET designers doesn t directly support the seq<Match> interface. It does, however, support a GetEnumerator method that permits iteration over the individual results of the operation, each of which is of type Match; the F# compiler inserts the conversions necessary to view the collection as a seq<Match> and perform the iteration. You learn more about using the .NET Regular Expression library in 10: > open System.Text.RegularExpressions;; > for m in (Regex.Matches("All the Pretty Horses","[a-zA-Z]+")) do printf "res = %s\n" m.Value;; res = All res = the res = Pretty res = Horses
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How It Works
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To set up the CaptureAccelerometerData project, follow the steps you ve used for previous examples in this book. 1. 2. Open Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 Express for Windows Phone on your workstation. Create a new Windows Phone Application by selecting File New Project on the Visual Studio command menu. Select the Windows Phone Application template, name the application CaptureAccelerometerData, and click OK. In order to use the accelerometer, add an assembly reference to Microsoft.Devices.Sensors by right-clicking the References folder in Solution Explorer and choose Microsoft.Devices.Sensors from the Add Reference window, as shown in Figure 6 11.
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application upon import. Exclude the bindings during the export process if you do not want to overwrite the bindings in your target application.
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Much of the Edit All Items page (editPage.jsp) is similar to the Home page we just discussed. We are going to cover the differences in this section. This page is displayed if the user selects the EDIT mode from the portal page s user interface.
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< xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" > <s:Application xmlns:fx="" xmlns:s="library://" xmlns:mx="library://" minWidth="1024" minHeight="768" frameRate="32" applicationComplete="applicationComplete()"> <fx:Script> <![CDATA[ import mx.core.UIComponent; private var coverflow:Coverflow; private var pv3dWrapper:UIComponent;
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Report Item
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You can now turn your attention to parsing. Let s assume for the moment that you re writing an application that performs simple symbolic differentiation, say on polynomials only. You want to read polynomials such as x^5-2x^3+20 as input from your users, which in turn is converted to your internal polynomial representation so that you can perform symbolic differentiation and pretty-print the result to the screen. One way to represent polynomials is as a list of terms that are added or subtracted to form the polynomial:
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When the start() method of the containing Thread object is called, the following run() method will be started on the background thread of execution:
De-sugared Form
Event identifier
For the designer of iPhone accessories who doesn t have an extensive hardware engineering background, but wants to begin developing hardware, evaluation kits cannot be beat. For any processor family that a designer would consider to use in an accessory design, there are several evaluation kit options. These kits offer the hardware you need to get started. They include the processor with its associated circuitry, software development tools (generally a limited set), and tutorial projects to get you going. Each project builds upon the last and the whole course can generally be completed in a day or two. None of these kits will turn you into an electrical engineer, but they will give you enough knowledge to get you moving in the right direction. The kits range in price from less than a hundred to several hundred dollars. As discussed, the central part of your hardware accessory will be some type of processor, i.e., a small computer. Most everything else in your accessory will be supporting data acquisition. In general, most accessories are either going to take data into the iPhone or send data out.
This service contract only defines the available methods; it does not provide the implementation for them. In 8, the workflow provided the implementation. For this project, you must provide it. In the Solution Explorer, right-click the LibraryReservation project and choose Add, Class. For the class name, enter ClientService.cs. The implementation for this class is shown in Listing 9-4. Listing 9-4. Implementation of the ClientService Class using System; using System.ServiceModel; namespace LibraryReservation { public class ClientService : ILibraryReservation { public void RequestBook(ReservationRequest request) { ApplicationInterface.RequestBook(request); } public void RespondToRequest(ReservationResponse response) { ApplicationInterface.RespondToRequest(response); } } }
14. Similar to the New Query button, the New Database Engine Query button will also create a new query window. However, this will give you the option of having a different connection to SQL Server through which to run your code. This is a good way of testing code with a different connection to ensure that you cannot see data that should be secure, such as wages, via that connection.
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