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var a = ['Item 1', 'Item 2', 'Item 3', 'Item 4']; var b = Array.contains(a,"Item 2"); // returns 'true' Var c = Array.contains(a,"Green"); // returns 'false'
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List FSS File System Services (* indicates service is in control of FS): 1>*MyVolume[0] located on (pid 512) 2> MyVolume[1] located on (pid 509)
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import javax.portlet.RenderRequest; import javax.portlet.RenderResponse; public class ToDoListPortlet extends GenericPortlet { public void processAction(ActionRequest request, ActionResponse response) throws PortletException, IOException { //retrieve the to do list out of the user's session PortletSession session = request.getPortletSession(true); //the to do list is just stored as an ArrayList here, because //we are not going to persist it to a database or other storage. ArrayList list = (ArrayList) session.getAttribute("ToDoList", PortletSession.APPLICATION_SCOPE); //if the list doesn't exist, create an empty one. if (list == null) { list = new ArrayList(); } //set up a very simple controller here, based on a //request parameter called COMMAND String command = request.getParameter("COMMAND"); String itemParam = request.getParameter("ITEM_ID"); int itemId = -1; if (itemParam != null) { itemId = Integer.parseInt(itemParam); } if ("MARK_FINISHED".equals(command)) { ToDoItemBean item = (ToDoItemBean) list.get(itemId); item.setStatus(true); } else if ("DELETE".equals(command)) { list.remove(itemId); }
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n this chapter, you ll learn about some special types in the C++/CLI type system. I have been using the term primitive type to refer to the built-in integral and floating-point types. Other types, such as those discussed in this chapter, are built upon these primitive types and are fundamental to any program. Each of these types is a .NET version of a classic C++ concept, and each of these has special language support in addition to being a bona fide .NET Framework object type. The chapter will go into some detail not just on the syntax and mechanics of the types themselves, but also some of the commonly used .NET Framework library functionality related to these types. My primary aim in this book is to focus on the C++/CLI language itself, not the .NET Framework. However, input and output is so fundamental to any language that it s worth discussing on its own, and what better place to discuss it than in the context of strings Input and output of text are necessary for almost any application, not just an old-style console application. You might need to output text to a string for display in a user interface or for a formatted file. Output usually involves manipulating strings, so this chapter first looks in depth at the String type. The String type is the one that actually provides much of the formatting capability needed in output, whether it s to the console or a web application or a graphical user interface.
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Discrete Dangers
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Unserializing Data
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This portlet tracks the number of instances of the class that are being maintained by the portlet container at any given time, it counts the number of times that the specific instance has been rendered, and it counts the number of action requests that have been handled by the specific instance. In the last section of this chapter, we will build a more realistic portlet application that demonstrates some of the issues involved in a threading application, and that builds upon the GenericPortlet class to make more complex portlet reactions possible.
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ipfw [-cq] add rule ipfw [-acdefnNStT] {list | show} [rule | first-last ...] ipfw [-f | -q] flush ipfw [-q] {delete | zero | resetlog} [set] [number ...] ipfw enable {firewall | one_pass | debug | verbose | dyn_keepalive} ipfw disable {firewall | one_pass | debug | verbose | dyn_keepalive}
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Arrays As Parameters
When the installation has completed, click Close. You can now browse to the /Applications/Parallels directory to see the Parallels Desktop application bundle and open it. The first time you open Parallels Desktop it will ask you to Activate the product (enter the serial number). Since you don t want freshly imaged systems to show the Welcome to Parallels Desktop splash screen, uncheck the Show at Startup box, and then click on Start using Parallels Desktop. You will have deployed Parallels to your monolithic image set.
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public interface ConfigHelper { public void clear(); } The concrete helper implementation sets up an embedded in-memory database using HSQL from scratch, including the creation of the necessary tables. This is carried out when its setUp() method is called. The helper is provided to the parent test suite implementation to allow it to flush the cache (in fact, the JDBC implementation does not provide any caching, so this is an empty method implementation). The creation, setup, and provision of this helper to the parent is shown in Listing 10-11.
Connecting a Background Worker to a GUI
Creating a Relationship
The list of repositories is held within the /etc/apt/sources.list file and also in the /etc/apt/sources.list.d/ directory. You can administer this either by using the Software Sources program or by directly editing it. Although it s not a complicated file to understand, we don t advise making manual edits; in most cases, the Software Sources program will do all you need. However, we explain both approaches in the following sections.
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