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Figure 13-6. Modifying a data table
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Preflight automations run before imaging and post-flight automations (whether packages, scripts, or image copies) run after. Thus, you can apply automations in the order that will most logically supply the necessary software or configurations to a desktop. You can also nest automations by including one script in another or by using
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but that will become active at a previously known reference date (for example, price list valid from July 4, 2004 00:00 am ). As you know the effective date up front, data of this kind will usually be easy to cache. You just have to make sure to remove any old copies at the correct point in time. The second kind of data in this group is more complex. This is data that is usually not changed, but once it is changed it has to become effective immediately. This includes user permissions or similar user or customer lockout flags. Normally, this flag will never be set, but if someone decides to lock out a certain user, you have to make absolutely sure that it is done right now. If you cache this kind of data, you have to make sure to provide a sound cache-invalidation strategy as well. You can, for example, expose an additional remoting service on each node in your cluster that can be used to explicitly tell every machine on its own (and not just the cluster ) to remove some pieces of data from its in-memory cache.6
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However, Let and Delay may also have more efficient direct implementations, which is why F# doesn t insert the previous implementations automatically.
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Using the Manifest Generation and Editing (MAGE) Tool
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Figure 6 5. Creating a trace using a default template
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One handy trick that can improve your photos is to use the Sharpen filter. This has the effect of adding definition to the image and reducing any slight blur caused by camera shake or poor focusing. To apply the Sharpen filter, right-click the image and select Filters Enhance Sharpen. As shown in Figure 20-8, a small preview window will show the effect of the sharpening on the image (you might need to use the scroll bars to move to an appropriate part of the image). Clicking and dragging the slider at the bottom of the dialog box will alter the severity of the sharpening effect. Too much sharpening can ruin a picture, so be careful. Try to use the effect subtly.
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CHAPTER 8: Improving the Design
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Listing 2-5. The settings.xml Configuration File with Some Placeholder Values
Caution Be careful not to assign a shortcut to a popular key. It might be nice to make Totem Media Player
Here s the class that allows the user to sign into the application. This is just an experiment in which we didn t implement a service call; however, it gives you the idea.
As you can see in the screenshot, metadata publishing for the service is disabled. As a result, you cannot browse and understand the endpoints of the service using the harness without making a change to the Web.config file. The first change you ll need to make is in the behaviors section. Here is an example of a Web.config that has been modified for this Hello World service:
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