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Primary and Secondary Links
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Unit Tests versus Integration Tests
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These steps are not visible to you since these classes are not stored in your project by default. However, you can instruct the compiler to keep these files by adding a compiler argument -keep or -keep-generatedactionscript=true. To take a closer look at what s happening, create a new project and call it DataBindingUnderTheHood. Then, add the following code:
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You can filter incoming messages according to practically any criteria, including who sent the message, its subject line, words within the body of the mail, its size, or even if it has attachments. Coupled with the ability to create folders, this allows you to automatically sort messages as soon as they re received. To set up filters, click Edit Message Filters. Click the Add button and, in the Rule Name box, start by giving the new rule a descriptive name by which you ll be able to recognize it in the future. You might think this isn t important, but you may create tens, if not hundreds of filters, so being able to identify filters will be very helpful. As shown in Figure 27-7, the Add Rule dialog box is split into two halves: Find items that meet the following criteria and Then. As implied by the labels, if the selected conditions are met, then the selected actions will take place. The Find items part is used to identify the mail. You can select to filter based on almost any criteria, such as who appears in the Sender field of the message, words that appear in the Subject line, the date sent, and so on. Simply select what you require from the drop-down list directly beneath the Add Filter Criteria button. In most cases, you ll then need to specify details for the filter. For example, if you select to filter by the address of the individual sending the e-mail, you ll need to provide that e-mail address.
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Figure 6-14. Database user administration
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One of the first things done during a page request is the building of a menu map. The menu map is a hierarchical list of all the types of pages Drupal has available and the path to each type. Drupal builds this menu map by asking the modules which paths they support and by polling the database to see which paths have been defined by the administrator. (For performance reasons, paths that do not change are cached to reduce the work that needs to be done for building the menu map.) Drupal takes the q parameter from the HTTP request and splits it on the forward slash (/). Then, using these pieces of path information, Drupal starts searching the menu map for the entry that matches it, finally settling for the map entry that matches the most parts from left to right. After finding the most complete match, Drupal can decide which page to serve , and any additional unmatched parts of the q parameter are passed along as separate parameters. The following are four paths that exist in your Drupal system, which you can access if you are logged in as the administrator.
Portlet Concepts
PhoneFormatter and DateFormatter are similar to the previous example with the mx:PhoneFormatter and mx:DateFormatter component. As you can see, the out of the box Flex components for formatting are easy to use and will fit into most of the applications you build.
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