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A Windows Forms event loop can also be explicitly defined by the application using the Application.DoEvents method; in this case, each invocation performs a step in event handling and returns the control to the caller. Some programs can benefit from this control because they can interleave event processing and computation using a single thread. Computer games, for instance, tend to use this approach because event-based timers provided by the framework aren t reliable for producing the frames of the game at the required pace. The following is a typical explicit event loop:
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When using the finished database, you can simply enter data and then quit the program, without needing to deliberately opt to save the file.
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The predecessor of Active Directory was Microsoft s NTLM. This was the security system originally built into OS/2. Using third-party tools, it is possible to use JAAS to authenticate against an NTLM domain.
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using System.IO; using System.Text; using System.Xml.Linq; 3. Open MainPage.xaml.cs and paste the UploadPhoto function written here. This will be the only function that will be invoked when the photo upload needs to take place. This function sets the URL and the type of the request, and then it invokes the asynchronous BeginGetRequestStream, which packages the photo and the user credentials.
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Attaching the RealWorld Database
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Caution Be careful to type the command to empty the APT cache exactly as it s written. Even inserting
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RunWorkerCompleted and ProgressChanged events on the GUI thread. Listing 13-3 shows how to achieve this.
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Figure 5-6. Connect to Team Foundation Server dialog box 5. After you click OK, you will see a page that displays the current change set being checked in. From this page you can add check-in notes and associate work items with this check-in change set, as shown in Figure 5-7.
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Managing Spring Web Flow Configuration
An Overview
Build the orchestration logic inside the Scope shape. If BizTalk encounters an exception processing the orchestration logic, it will invoke the Expression shape.
Saving a Private Post
Note: After establishing a secure connection, encryption is applied in both directions, on both outgoing and incoming data.
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