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Figure 11-35. Returning part of a string from within a string
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Please open Visual Studio, and use the following steps to create a Windows application project; refer to Figure 10-2 for an illustration of these steps: 1. Click File New Project, or you can press the hot key Ctrl+Shift+N. 2. In the Project types pane of New Project dialog box, select Visual C# Windows. 3. In the Templates pane, select Windows Application. 4. Please give the application a name; I ve called the project OracleReport. You may choose a different location for storing the application files according to your preference. 5. Click the OK button to finish the process; Visual Studio will create a new Windows application project. Also notice that a new form with name Form1 is part of the project. Let s next add the dataset and ReportViewer to the project. Select the project in Solution Explorer, right-click it, and select Add New Item DataSet. Please name the dataset dsOracle. Before you add the ReportViewer, make sure Form1 is open in designer. Now, add the ReportViewer to the project by selecting Data ReportViewer and dragging and dropping it onto the design surface. Please set the properties in Table 10-5.
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If we wire up the ListBox to our Person data from our earlier DataGrid example, you will see that, by default, the ListBox really is just a standard ListBox. <ListBox Margin="10" x:Name="list" DisplayMemberPath="Name" /> One additional property you may have noticed in this ListBox definition is DisplayMemberPath. If you are defining a simple text-based ListBox, the ListBox needs to know which data member to display. Since the Person class contains three properties (Name, Age, and Male), we need to tell it that we want the Name to be displayed. Figure 5-14 shows the results.
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The solution is to proactively block wayward robots. There are a few different ways to do this, such as blocking known bad robot user agents and blocking IPs. Blocking certain user agents is easy, but it s also easy for the robot to spoof its user agent, so you ll find that you have to continuously update your list of bad user agents. Blocking IP addresses is effective too, but you ll also need to consistently update your blocked IP list. The best solution involves a combination of techniques that, once implemented, requires little or no maintenance and lays a trap for bad robots. First, put a hidden link into the main page of your site. This hidden link is a zero-by-zeropixel image that links to a script within /secret-files/.
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Purchasing from Magnatune
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There are thousands of different APIs to choose from to use in your mashups. Many of the mashups you will be developing will be based on maps.
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The onPlayerError event handler will be called if we get an error due to network or other player errors.
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Figure A-6. Docking a window
2. On the computer from which you want to connect to the remote desktop, click
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From the Manage Comments page, you can click the links associated with each comment to do the following: Edit a comment. Perhaps someone has used inappropriate language, or they have mistyped a URI. Delete a comment. When you select to delete a comment, a message pops up to give you the chance to confirm or cancel the deletion. Edit the post to which this is a comment. This is handy if someone points out a mistake of yours or gives some additional information worth adding to your post. View the post in its entirety. The Manage Comments page also has a Mass Edit Mode link, which you can click to switch to a less detailed view. This displays a list of comments 20 at a time, as shown in Figure 15-16. In
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