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This is the personal data that will be added to the documents you create. You can leave this area blank if you wish. This offers a handful of miscellaneous options, such as how to handle two-digit dates, when the help system should step in to offer tips, how the help system should be formatted (such as in high resolution for people with vision problems), and whether printing a document is interpreted by OpenOffice.org as modifying it. This entry relates to how much system memory OpenOffice.org can use. You can limit the number of undo steps, for example, and alter the cache memory used for holding graphical objects. Here, you can alter the look, feel, and operation of OpenOffice.org. You can define whether the middle mouse button performs a paste operation (which is consistent with how Ubuntu works), or whether it should perform a scrolling function, as with Windows. You can also alter elements such as whether icons appear in menus and if fonts are previewed in the toolbar menu. This option lets you adjust how printing is handled within OpenOffice.org. The functions relate to those that can stop documents from printing incorrectly, such as reducing any transparency effects within the documents so on-page elements don t appear faint or completely disappear in the final output. (Note that specific print functions are handled within the Print dialog box when you actually print a document.) This is where the file paths for user-configured and vital system tools are handled. Generally, there s little reason to edit this list, although you might choose to alter the default location where your documents are saved (simply double-click the My Documents entry to do this). Here, you can define the default color palette that appears in the various programs in the suite. By creating entries here, you can automatically substitute fonts within documents you open for others on your system. If you don t have the Microsoft core fonts installed, this might prove useful. For example, you might choose to substitute Arial, commonly used in Microsoft Office documents, for Luxi Sans, one of the sans serif fonts used under Ubuntu. This option controls which types of functions can be run within OpenOffice.org. For example, you can choose whether macros created by third parties should be run when you open a new document. Here, you can alter the color scheme used within OpenOffice.org, in a similar way to how you can alter the default Ubuntu desktop color scheme. Individual elements within documents and pages can be modified, too.
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Basic Authentication
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Table 10 2 lists and describes the choosers available on the Windows Phone 7 platform. Table 10 2. Windows Phone Choosers and Their Functions
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Listing 7-24. Defining the Access Decision Manager As a Stand-Alone Bean
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This section looks at a small number of recommendations for writing implementation code, as opposed to library designs. We don t give many recommendations on formatting, because formatting code is relatively simple for #light indentation-aware code. We do make a couple of formatting recommendations that early readers of this book asked about.
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<serverProviders> <formatter ref="binary" typeFilterLevel="Full" /> </serverProviders> </channel> </channels> <service> <wellknown type="Server.ServerImpl, Server" objectUri="MyServer.rem" mode="Singleton" /> </service> </application> </system.runtime.remoting> </configuration>
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Note that you provided the parameter names as strings and then specified the data types of the columns you expected to use them with. The SqlDbType enumeration contains a member for every SQL Server data type except cursor and table, which can t be directly used by Visual Basic programs. The Add method is overloaded. Since nvarchar requires us to specify its maximum length, you included that as the third argument. Finally, you set the parameter values before executing the command:
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We might predict that the optimizer could combine the first two predicates in this query to generate the predicate t1.n2 = 15 (losing the predicate t1.n2 = t2.n2 as it did so). But look what else we get when we run this query through dbms_xplan. -------------------------------------------------------------------| Id | Operation | Name | Rows | Bytes | Cost | -------------------------------------------------------------------| 0 | SELECT STATEMENT | | 1 | 444 | 33 | | 1 | SORT AGGREGATE | | 1 | 444 | | |* 2 | HASH JOIN | | 15 | 6660 | 33 | |* 3 | TABLE ACCESS FULL | T1 | 15 | 3330 | 16 | |* 4 | TABLE ACCESS FULL | T2 | 15 | 3330 | 16 | -------------------------------------------------------------------Predicate Information (identified by operation id): --------------------------------------------------2 - access("T1"."N1"="T2"."N1") 3 - filter("T1"."N2"=15 AND "T1"."N1">=0 AND "T1"."N1"<=199) 4 - filter("T2"."N2"=15) We have indeed lost one join predicate and gained another constant predicate, but look carefully at the filter predicate for line 3: it contains the range-based check that was our constraint check from table t2 but the check is made against table t1. Because there is an equality between t1.n1 and t2.n1, the optimizer can see that the only rows that could be joined from t1 must conform to the constraint check on t2, so it has migrated the text of the constraint into a predicate against t1, as this may allow it to do a more accurate calculation of join cardinality. (If table t1 already had the same constraint in place, this predicate generation would not occur.)
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Fill() and then display the value of the connection s State property. It will be Open. Comment out the Open() call, and run it again. State will be closed.
Whenever I explain a new feature of the .NET Remoting framework, I tend to present it in an easily digestible console application to avoid having to show you numerous lines of boilerplate .NET code. Of course, most of your real-world applications will either be Windows Forms or ASP .NET Web applications or Web Services. In this chapter, you therefore learn how to create remoting clients either as desktop or Web applications.
The ListView control displays all the leads that have been entered. The user can click any one of these leads, and more information is displayed about that lead. Specifically, the notes are displayed along with the agent that it has been assigned to. If not yet assigned, a text box and button are displayed to allow the user to assign the lead to an agent. To allow this dynamic display, add the method shown in Listing 11-8. It implements the SelectionChanged event handler. Listing 11-8. Implementation of the SelectionChanged event private void lstLeads_SelectionChanged(object sender, RoutedEventArgs e) {
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