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Figure 11 2. The Firewall tab in the System Preferences Security pane
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IMessage msg, ITransportHeaders headers, Stream stream) { // restore the priority ThreadPriority priority = (ThreadPriority) state; Console.WriteLine(" -> Post-execution change back to {0}",priority); Thread.CurrentThread.Priority = priority; } public Stream GetResponseStream (IServerResponseChannelSinkStack sinkStack, Object state, IMessage msg, ITransportHeaders headers ) { return null; } public ServerProcessing ProcessMessage(IServerChannelSinkStack sinkStack, IMessage requestMsg, ITransportHeaders requestHeaders, Stream requestStream, out IMessage responseMsg, out ITransportHeaders responseHeaders, out Stream responseStream) { LogicalCallContext lcc = (LogicalCallContext) requestMsg.Properties["__CallContext"]; // storing the current priority ThreadPriority oldprio = Thread.CurrentThread.Priority; // check if the logical call context contains "priority" if (lcc != null && lcc.GetData("priority") != null) { // fetch the priority from the call context ThreadPriority priority = (ThreadPriority) lcc.GetData("priority"); Console.WriteLine("-> Pre-execution priority change {0} to {1}", oldprio.ToString(),priority.ToString()); // set the priority Thread.CurrentThread.Priority = priority; }
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When users click the comments link of a story, they are taken to a new page where they are presented with the story in full and the related conversation. Almost everything else they see looks the same as the layout on the front page. That s the beauty of a template-driven system. You don t need to do anything to get the same look and feel, as well as common content across all your pages. But sometimes presenting the same layout is not the right thing to do. You should think about what the users are doing. What are their intentions What benefit will they get from this action What will they want to do next The answers to these questions depend somewhat on the nature of your site.
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Mac OS X is a SUS-compliant operating system. POSIX is a standardized feature set developed to make operating systems compatible with Unix-based operating systems. POSIX permission levels are divided into three categories: read (users can access the file), write (users can write data to it), and execute (users can run the file, such as an application). When viewing these permissions from the terminal command ls, read is indicated by an r, write is indicated by a w, and execute is indicated by an x. NOTE: For more information on changing permissions from the command line, see 4. When you look at the permission designations for files, you ll see they are displayed in the order of owner, group, and (if needed) everyone. The owner is the user that owns a file, can set permissions on the file, and is listed in the text following the permissions of the file. The group of a file is listed next. The everyone designation is given to every user accessing a file who is not listed in either the owner or the group designation. The everyone designation is also known as a guest user of that file. NOTE: When looking at file permissions, you might find that an admin or wheel group is listed in a file s permissions. These are part of the built-in users and groups that a system defaults with upon installation of the operating system. We ll discuss these in more depth in 4. The output of the permissions for a file will use the following syntax:
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Queue: Specifies the queue from which to receive messages. Each queue must be polled by only one receive location per BizTalk environment. See the following section for further information about how to format queue names. Ordered Processing: Specifies whether the message order is persisted in the MessageBox. If this property is set to True, only one message is received in each batch (one message retrieved each time the receive location polls the queue). This property enables a solution to implement ordered message delivery, although you must also ensure that any subsequent processing (including the delivery of the message to a destination system) is handled serially if order is to be maintained. A True value for this property overrides the Batch property, essentially setting its value to 1. On Failure: Specifies the action the adapter should take on the receive location if an error occurs. These are the available values: Stop: The receive location will be stopped. Suspend (nonresumable): The receive location will remain enabled, with error messages being suspended in a nonresumable state. Suspend (resumable): The receive location will remain enabled, with error messages being suspended in a resumable state.
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Before you can compile from source, you need to install several items of software: the make program, which oversees the process of creating a new program, and the GNU Compiler Collection (GCC), which does the hard work of turning the source code into a binary. In addition, if the software relies on certain library files, you ll need to install development (dev) versions of them, as well as the libraries themselves if they re not already installed. For example, if you re compiling a program to run under the GNOME desktop, you ll need development versions of the GTK2+ libraries. Under Ubuntu, it s possible to install all the program-compilation tools you need by installing the build-essential metapackage. You can use the Synaptic Package Manager or the following apt-get command at the command prompt:
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NOTE: In OS X, plist files typically use a naming convention known as reverse-domain notation. Very basically, this notation is similar to that used for DNS but with the hierarchy reversed. In this instance, the preference file is in binary format, and were I to attempt to open it in a text editor, I d be greeted with a nice display of gobbledygook. All is not lost, though. If you want to explore the raw XML, you can use the plutil executable, which can convert between XML and binary formats as well as run syntax checks on the file. To convert the above example into hand-editable format, you can call plutil with the -convert argument with a statement like:
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CHAPTER 7: Browser
How It Works
The following sections cover some of the techniques you can use to understand the type-inference process and to debug problems when inferred types aren t as expected.
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The Database Life Cycle
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