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Figure 15 13. Using the Remote Login feature to enable SSH access
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Recommendation: Use the Standard Operators
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Serialization can be classified based on the format of serialization or on the depth of serialization. The three formats in which you can serialize data in the .NET Framework are as follows: Binary: This format is generally better in terms of performance than the others. However, in terms of extensibility and cross-application integration, the other formats are better. XML: Objects serialized in this way are stored as plain XML. If you are talking with multiple heterogeneous systems, this format will prove useful. For example, your .NET applications may serialize objects as XML documents, and a Java application may read these serialized objects by using its standard XML parser and work with the data further. Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP): Objects serialized in this way store information as per the SOAP standards. SOAP is the core pillar for web services. The other way to classify serialization is based on the depth of serialization. The two flavors based on the depth of serialization are as follows: Deep serialization: This serializes all the public, protected, and private members of your class. Even the nested classes and their public, protected, and private members are serialized. Shallow serialization: This serializes only the public members of your class. In the .NET Framework, the classes that serialize objects in binary format use deep serialization, whereas the classes that serialize objects in XML format use shallow serialization.
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Figure 2 8. Clicking Windows Phone 7 Emulator rotate control Notice in the landscape view that the TextBox is automatically resized, stretched out to make full use of the landscape orientation of the device, as shown in Figure 2 9.
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In this chapter, you created stored procedures; you developed an understanding of what s involved in calling stored procedures from VB .NET. You saw that calling stored procedures isn t inherently different from executing queries and statements; you simply create appropriate command parameters for the stored procedure parameters you need to use. You also learned about modifying a stored procedure, retrieving metadata information, and renaming and deleting a stored procedure, as well as calling a stored procedure from VB .NET applications using ADO .NET. In the next chapter, you will see how to work with XML.
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Is the default value and uses the most appropriate read mode from the remaining values Loads a DiffGram and applies the changes Loads XML fragments such as the ones created when using the FOR XML clause Ignores the inline schema present in the source XML document Infers the schema from the data present and loads the data into the DataSet Reads the inline schema present in the XML document
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Quotas are also an important part of Xsan. A quota is the amount of space a user can utilize on the SAN. As an administrator, you can set hard and soft quotas for every user on the Xsan. A soft quota lets the user continue to save files when they pass their quota, but they will be warned that they are over their limit. When they reach the hard quota, they will not be able to save any more data until the administrator of the SAN gives them more space, or they delete some files. When users near their quotas, they will be alerted.
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An accelerometer has many practical uses for applications that depend on the movements of a Windows Phone in three-dimensional space. With data from an accelerometer, you can steer a simulated car in a driving game or fly a plane in a flight simulator. Capturing a motion such as a shake, a punch, a swing, or a slash and mixing accelerometer data with a physics engine can be used to create Wii-like games. Just for fun, you can build novelty applications to amaze your friends, such as a light saber simulation that makes Star Wars like sounds as you swing your phone in the air. An accelerometer can even be used for business applications, like a level to use when you hang a picture frame. Under the covers, the controllers for games that run on consoles like the Wii remotes are nothing more than accelerometers wrapped in buttons and plastic. The accelerometer in a Windows Phone measures the device s movements in space, or more precisely its acceleration along three axes x, y, and z relative to the Earth s gravitational pull, which is perpendicular to the ground (9.8 m/sec2). Think of Newton s apple. When you drop an apple, it will fall toward the earth, and the force that pulls it can be calculated using that well-known high school science formula, Force = mass * acceleration. In a Windows Phone, the accelerometer can tell you the orientation of the phone with respect to the earth s gravitational force. In this chapter, you will learn how to use the Windows Phone accelerometer to write applications that respond to the phone s orientation and movement. In the first example, you will learn to capture data from the accelerometer and to interpret the x, y, and z values. In a second demo, you will learn to use readings from the accelerometer to move a ball in 2D space.
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