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The XmlTextReader class also provides four methods for moving between attributes. These methods, which are useful only for element nodes, are as follows: The MoveToAttribute() method accepts the index or name of the attribute to navigate to and moves the reader to the attribute. The MoveToFirstAttribute() method takes the reader to the first attribute of the current element. The MoveToNextAttribute() method moves the reader to the next attribute of the current element. The MoveToElement() method moves the reader back to the element node whose attributes were just read. Figure 3-7 shows how all these methods work.
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Pipe Masks
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It should look like:
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package qs.event { import; public class DragTitleEvent extends Event { //Define static constant public static const SELECTED_IMAGE_CHANGED:String = "selectedImageChanged";
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The next section, Web Clips, allows you to create an iconified link to a webpage, which is very useful for ensuring employees have quick, easy access to things like the company intranet or help desk system. Deploying web clips is as simple as specifying a name, a url, and an icon. You can also specify whether or not the user can delete the webclip, as shown in Figure 10-25.
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Figure 6-5. Button states mode
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Now you re ready to enhance the Application Bar even further by writing code for your menu items to do some meaningful work.
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Typically, a Windows service application has no live user intervention through the keyboard or the mouse. The service starts to work in the background after its installation. To allow user input to the service, we have to use a text- or XML-based configuration file. Common data
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