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Configuring Options
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Rhythmbox is able to handle podcast subscriptions under Ubuntu, and you can add a new subscription by clicking the Podcasts heading in the leftmost pane of Rhythmbox. Then right-click a blank spot in the track listing area, select New Podcast Feed, and enter the URL. However, a much easier way of adding a podcast is to use Firefox to browse to the link. Conveniently, Rhythmbox is fully compatible with the iTunes podcast format, which is perhaps the most prevalent podcast format at the present time. However, some additional work must be done to make Rhythmbox use the link:
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Using Covering Indexes
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Step 1: Creating a Data Table
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public static DependencyProperty CustomerDataProperty = DependencyProperty.Register("CustomerData", typeof(CustomerConfig), typeof(QCPolicy)); [DescriptionAttribute("CustomerData")] [CategoryAttribute("Input Category")] [BrowsableAttribute(true)] [DesignerSerializationVisibilityAttribute(DesignerSerializationVisibility.Visible)] public CustomerConfig CustomerData { get { return ((CustomerConfig)(base.GetValue(QCPolicy.CustomerDataProperty))); } set { base.SetValue(QCPolicy.CustomerDataProperty, value); } } public static DependencyProperty TransactionDataProperty = DependencyProperty.Register("TransactionData", typeof(TransactionConfig), typeof(QCPolicy)); [DescriptionAttribute("TransactionData")] [CategoryAttribute("Input Category")] [BrowsableAttribute(true)] [DesignerSerializationVisibilityAttribute(DesignerSerializationVisibility.Visible)] public TransactionConfig TransactionData { get { return ((TransactionConfig) (base.GetValue(QCPolicy.TransactionDataProperty))); } set { base.SetValue(QCPolicy.TransactionDataProperty, value); } } public static DependencyProperty ReviewProperty = DependencyProperty.Register("Review", typeof(bool), typeof(QCPolicy)); [DescriptionAttribute("Review")] [CategoryAttribute("Output Category")] [BrowsableAttribute(true)] [DesignerSerializationVisibilityAttribute(DesignerSerializationVisibility.Visible)] public bool Review { barcode 128 printing
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Read calendar Create or edit calendar events Read tasks Create or edit tasks Receive MMS messages Send MMS messages Receive SMS messages Send SMS messages
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A dataset is very important part of developing a host client; and it should be, as it is holding the data from various sources that we ll use to prepare the reports. Adding a dataset is easy: select the project RSWin101 in Solution Explorer; right-click it, and select Add New Item. Please see Figure 4-6 for an illustration of the steps.
Faced with this query, the optimizer has two options available to it to optimize the query: create a result set for the aggregate view and then join it to the base table, or expand the view out to join the two base tables and then aggregate the join: Execution Plan ( hinted to instantiate the view) ---------------------------------------------------------SELECT STATEMENT Optimizer=CHOOSE (Cost=15 Card=1 Bytes=95) HASH JOIN (Cost=15 Card=1 Bytes=95) TABLE ACCESS (FULL) OF 'T1' (Cost=2 Card=1 Bytes=69) VIEW OF 'AVG_VAL_VIEW' (Cost=12 Card=32 Bytes=832) SORT (GROUP BY) (Cost=12 Card=32 Bytes=224) TABLE ACCESS (FULL) OF 'T2' (Cost=5 Card=1024 Bytes=7168) Execution Plan ( allowed to merge the view) ---------------------------------------------------------SELECT STATEMENT Optimizer=CHOOSE (Cost=14 Card=23 Bytes=1909) SORT (GROUP BY) (Cost=14 Card=23 Bytes=1909) HASH JOIN (Cost=8 Card=32 Bytes=2656) TABLE ACCESS (FULL) OF 'T1' (Cost=2 Card=1 Bytes=76) TABLE ACCESS (FULL) OF 'T2' (Cost=5 Card=1024 Bytes=7168) Checking the 10053 trace file (see 14 for more on the CBO trace file) for the unhinted query in 8i, you would find the following two general plans sections (from which I ve listed just the headlines typically each of the general plans starts with a new Join order[1]). This shows you that 8i considered only the option to create the aggregate view and join to the first table. You will also notice that when evaluating strategies for creating the aggregate view, the first of the general plans includes a recosting step to consider the use of a convenient index on table t2 to calculate the aggregate without performing a sort and this leads to an extra Join order[1]. Join order[1]: T2 [T2] ****** Recost for ORDER BY (using join row order) ******* Join order[1]: T2 [T2] Join order[1]: T1 [T1] AVG_VAL_VIEW [AVG_VAL_VIEW] Join order[2]: AVG_VAL_VIEW [AVG_VAL_VIEW] T1 [T1] Checking the trace file for the unhinted query in 9i, you would find the following single general plans section. After the upgrade (in which the default value for parameter _complex_ view_merging changed from false to true), the optimizer considers only the option for merging the view and performing the join before aggregating. You will notice there is no reference to
In this section, you will learn to use the XslCompiledTransform class. You will develop an application like the one shown in Figure 6-5.
In this chapter, we examined the different precompilation methods and their advantages and disadvantages, along with the different methods used to deploy the application content. After developing your application, the work is not finished, however. A great deal of attention needs to be dedicated to considering the different precompilation options that will best fit your individual scenario.
Downloading and Cataloging Images
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