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Generating Data Matrix in VB.NET Review

Command-S: Boot from single-user mode, a command-line only
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Understanding Mutation and Identity
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Figure 8 6. ClamXav virus scanner
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Combinator-based pickling is used mainly because it allows data formats to be created and read in a relatively bug-free manner. It isn t always possible to build a single pickling library suitable for all purposes, and you should be willing to customize and extend code samples such as those listed previously in order to build a set of pickling functions suitable for your needs.
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Note The ability to configure BizTalk artifacts via the BizTalk Explorer in Visual Studio is no longer available in
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The GNU Project
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By using inline XSLT within a Scripting functoid, you can create the target document with the appropriate nodes and the correct namespace. Listing 3 32 shows a sample input document. Listing 3 32. Sample Input Document for the Inline XSLT Example <ns0:SampleSource xmlns:ns0="http://Sample.Source"> <ID>ID_0</ID> <Payload> <SampleDestination> <Name>Name_0</Name> <Address>Address_0</Address> <Company>Company_0</Company> </SampleDestination> </Payload> </ns0:SampleSource> The inline XSLT is written to parse the incoming document as a whole; there is no need to have an input to the Scripting functoid. The output of the Scripting functoid occurs under the node that the output is tied to in this case, the XSLT output will be directly below the SampleDestination element. When XML documents contain namespaces, use the local-name() qualifier to reference a specific node by name. Because of the requirement that the namespaces be preserved, it is necessary to copy each of the nodes in the source document s Payload node (which consists of an Any element that can contain any XML structure) separately to the destination document. Figure 3 60 shows the configuration for the Scripting functoid with the inline XSLT for the <Name> element. Additional nodes (such as Address and Company) can be added using the same code pattern. See Listing 3 33 for the XSLT code. Listing 3 33. XSLT Code <xsl:if test= //*[local-name()= SampleDestination ])/*[local-name()= Name ] > <xsl:element name= Name > <xsl:value-of select= //*[local-name()= SampleDestination ]/*[local-name()= Name ] /> </xsl:element> </xsl:if>
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Place a Send shape inside the Scope shape. Set the Send shape s Message property to NewCustomerMsg.
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