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Figure 4-5. Changing a solution name
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Figure 4-1. The Visual Web Developer Toolbox The Standard controls can be classified into a group that you will use most often, enabling the end user to choose an option or provide a mechanism in which a specific event will occur. To be more specific, these server controls are named Label, TextBox, Button, LinkButton, ImageButton, Hyperlink, DropDownList, ListBox, CheckBox, CheckBoxList, RadioButton, RadioButtonList, Image, ImageMap, Table, BulletedList, HiddenField, Literal, Calendar, AdRotator, FileUpload, Wizard, Xml, MultiView and View, Panel, PlaceHolder, and Substitution. We ll briefly discuss the server controls included in the Standard group in the sections that follow, and then we ll move on to present an exercise (Exercise 4-1) that will show many of the controls in action and working together.
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simplest cipher will deter the vast majority of abusers, who will move on to easier targets. However, if you are responsible for crafting a system that manages people s money, personal information, or sensitive data, you must fulfill the mission of protecting that trust. Involve others, consult experts, and make sure your app is reviewed and tested. Please keep in mind that the examples in this chapter included hard-coded keys for maximum readability, but this will rarely be used in true applications. Consider whether each user will need their own key, and if so, how to distribute them. Think about whether you can algorithmically generate a key, and if you can, how to ensure both parties stay in sync. Security through obscurity is a persistent enemy of good design. Too many people convince themselves that, by not talking about how their app works, they are protecting against intrusion. You will know your app is secure if you can tell someone every detail about how it works and still know that they will not be able to crack it. Fortunately, simply by thinking about these issues, you already have a head start on many other developers. Not to mention, you have more than a head start on using advanced BlackBerry APIs you have completed the race! Part 1 of this book has provided you with the tools for creating feature-rich applications that exploit the best built-in capabilities of BlackBerry devices. Up until this point, our apps have been growing upward, gaining new functionality. Next, we will turn out focus inward and start exploring ways to more tightly integrate with other systems on the device.
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Next you added a new row to the data table:
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Listing 3-1. A Custom Listener for Media Playback import*; import net.rim.device.api.ui.Screen; import net.rim.device.api.ui.component.LabelField; public class WatchdogListener implements PlayerListener { private LabelField status; private Screen screen; public WatchdogListener(LabelField status, Screen screen) { this.status = status; this.screen = screen; } public void playerUpdate(Player player, String event, Object data) { if (event.equals(PlayerListener.BUFFERING_STARTED)) { status.setText("Buffering, please wait."); } else if (event.equals(PlayerListener.BUFFERING_STOPPED)) { status.setText("Buffer complete."); } else if (event.equals(PlayerListener.STARTED)) { status.setText("Playing."); } else if (event.equals(PlayerListener.STOPPED)) { status.setText("Stopped."); } else if (event.equals(PlayerListener.ERROR)) { status.setText("Encountered error: " + data); } else if (event.equals(PlayerListener.END_OF_MEDIA)) { screen.close(); } else { status.setText (event + ":" + data);
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Figure 15-5. grep is a powerful tool that can search for text within files.
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Caution Even though you might be tempted to change the IMessage object s content in an IClientChannelSink,
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CHAPTER 15: Remote Connectivity
Binding Class and Binding Property at the Same Time
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