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If you prefer to use a Map object to work with portal preferences, you retrieve a Map containing the user s preferences. The names are String objects, and the values are String array objects. To make changes to the portlet preferences, you cannot use this Map object; instead, operate directly on the PortletPreferences object:
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Installing and Copying the Theme
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Giving Up Control
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Figure 1 6. The pan button 3. To zoom in and out on the map, use the zoom functionality on the mapper toolbar. Zooming out can give you perspective on where your functoids are and allow you to easily locate and modify mappings. If you zoom in and the functoids loose focus, you will notice flashing blue arrows to guide you to where the components are (see Figure 1 7).
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With index() hint With full() hint Path when not hinted
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Figure 8-12. Testing the NavigationService object 7. If you click on the Navigate to Inner View button, the application should now show the InnerView1.xaml content in the top frame, as seen in Figure 8-13.
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For the purposes of this exercise, change the Name of the new project to HelloWorld, by changing the text in the Name box, as shown in Figure 2 2. Also you can change the location where the project will be saved by changing the path in the Location box.
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<beans xmlns="" xmlns:xsi="" xmlns:flow="" xsi:schemaLocation=""> The flow registry allows you to specify a set of flow configuration files, as shown in Listing 6-20. These are where the actual user journeys are defined.
After this, you ll be invited to choose the presentation effects, including the transition effect that will separate each slide when the presentation is viewed and the speed of the transition. If you wish, you can set the pause between slides, too, as well as the length of time each slide stays on the screen. After clicking the Create button in the wizard, Impress will start, and you ll be invited to choose a layout for your initial slide. These are previewed on-screen on the right side of the program window. A variety of design templates are available, ranging from those that contain mostly text to those that feature pictures and/or graphs.
The PHP code in template files rarely gets more complicated than this, and most of the time it will suffice if you can recognize which lines and bits belong together, so that you can copy and paste them without introducing errors.
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