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Listing 6-28. The Form Elements from previewUser.jsp
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Figure 12 2. Running the internationalization demo For example, if a French-speaking user from Canada accesses Windows Phone 7 applications, the first thing the system checks is whether there are application resources implementing specific fr-CA culture. If that specific culture is not supported by an application, the system then performs a check of whether the neutral fr culture is supported. If the neutral culture is not supported, then the system defaults to the invariant culture, where none of the resources are localized.
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Figure 7-5. A very simple browser field
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Setting Up the ReportViewer Properties
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Note Memoization relies on the memoized function being stable and idempotent. In other words, it always
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While templates are supported in C++/CLI for both native and managed types, another kind of parameterized type has been defined in C++/CLI: generics. Generics fulfill a different purpose, providing runtime parameterization of types, whereas templates provide compile-time parameterization of types. You ll explore the implications of this difference in 11. The .NET Framework 2.0 supports generics and provides generic collection classes. One such class is the generic List, which is a dynamic array class that automatically expands to accommodate larger numbers of elements. The List class definition would look something like the code in Listing 2-14. Listing 2-14. Defining a Generic List Class generic <typename T> ref class List { public: T Add(T t) { /* ... */ } void Remove(T t) { /* ... */ } // other methods }; This declaration indicates that List is a generic type with one type parameter, T. Returning to our example of treating isotopes of the chemical elements, the List class is a good choice to represent the isotopes of an element, since each element has a different number of isotopes. The generic List collection is exposed as a property in this class. When the List object is declared, an actual type (a handle to Isotope) is used as the parameter. Handles, rather than direct reference types, are allowed as type parameter substitutions. You can also use a value type without a handle. Listing 2-15 shows an ElementType class with the Isotopes property, which is a list of isotopes for a particular element. Listing 2-15. A Reference Class That Uses the Generic List As a Property ref class Isotope; // implementation omitted for brevity ref class ElementType { // other properties specifying the element name, atomic number, etc. property List<Isotope^>^ Isotopes; }; Using this generic type is as easy as using the managed array type. The code in Listing 2-16 uses a for each statement to iterate through the generic List collection to look up an isotope by its number. Assume an Isotope class with an IsotopeNumber property.
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In this chapter, you used data readers to perform a variety of common tasks, from simply looping through single result sets to handling multiple result sets. You learned how to retrieve values for columns by column name and index and learned about methods available for handling values of different data types. You also learned how to get information about result sets and get schema information. In the next chapter, we ll cover a really interesting aspect of ADO.NET: handling database data while disconnected from the database.
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The Report Wizard in Action!
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Listing 13-4. Button3_Click()
Watching topics permits users to receive e-mail notifications on replies to those topics. Users must be registered and logged in to use this feature. Users can elect to watch topics they choose by clicking a Watch this topic for replies link near the bottom of every topic view page. A user can also enable the topic watch feature for a particular topic by checking the Notify me when replies are posted check box when replying to a thread (see Figure 9-1, shown later in this chapter). To stop watching a topic, the user can revisit the topic and click the Stop watching this topic link.
Command Parameters
n Tip When you hover the mouse over a FlowSwitch activity, the Expression will be displayed as shown in Figure 3-10. Just as with the FlowDecision activity, you can click on the yellow triangle and the Expression will remain displayed.
Note Only a handful of BASH commands default to recursive copying. Even though it s extremely common
Figure 4 13. Pressing the info icon reveals more details about the attached accessory.
Here you can see that the sponsor processed three calls to KeepAlive() before the client stopped pinging. It received the call to Renewal() more than five seconds later than the last call to KeepAlive(), and therefore refused to further prolong the object s lease time. Hence you can be sure that both objects (the CAO and its sponsor) are timed out and correctly marked for garbage collection.
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