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Pass the media file location to the Manager using a URL that begins with http:// or https://. If you know at the time you create your application where the file will be located, you can simply hard-code the string. However, if you are creating a networked application, it is better to have the server pass the URL down to the client. This gives you greater flexibility if you later decide that you need to place the files on another server, change their format, or make other changes.
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sudo killall DirectoryService
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Last but certainly not least is the Source Control section; from this node you can access the source control repository. If you double-click the Source Control item, the Source Control Explorer pane opens in Visual Studio. Currently the Adapdev team project, shown in Figure 5-4, does not have any files in the Source Control section. We will now explain how you can add this project to source control.
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used when referring to databases where the structure of the data is designed to be the simplest but also the most stable. By normalizing the data, redundancy of data and data elements such as table relationships and keys are avoided. If you were to just use one table to store all the data to do with customers and orders, each row would have the same customer information over and over again for each order they have made. This results in duplicated data and a waste of space. By defining a table to hold customers and a table to hold sales orders, and then establishing the relationship with the use of keys, you eliminate the data redundancy and disk space. You will see all this in action in a little while when you build your database for your main application.
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12. Now, you can apply the blueButton selector to any Button you want, for example:
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As we know, a report must be part of the project before we start working on the report s design. Therefore, let s add the report by selecting the project in Solution Explorer, right-clicking it, and selecting Add New Item. Select Report from the Add New Item template, and name the report rptVendorPO.rdlc. Click the Add button to complete the process; a new report will be added to the project and opened in the report designer.
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After modifying your file, restart Directory Services to read in the new values. At this point, you are ready to perform an SSL-enabled OpenDirectory connection. If you are utilizing your own internal Certificate Authority, you will also want to import the CA file into the Keychain framework for utilization by Cocoa applications. To do this from the GUI then you will do so using Keychain Access, located in /Applications/Utilities, as shown in Figure 2-15. SSL certificates can be installed for a given users account or system-wide. Mac OS X uses a number of keychains to store all of the SSL certificates that have been installed on the system or a users account in an encrypted format. This separation between userlandspace and system-wide space is important. Local user accounts store keychains in ~/Library/Keychains, with the default keychain for a user called login.keychain. The system keychain is stored in /Library/Keychains and by default called System.keychain. There is one more directory worth noting, /System/Library/Keychains, which for the purpose of this chapter should not be altered. To install an SSL certificate using either the login.keychain (for the user) or the System.keychain (global for all users on the host), simply drag the .cer or .crt file to the entry under Keychains and when prompted authenticate. If you do not yet have a .cer or .crtfile, learning how to export one will help you to have one to deploy, assuming, of
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Microsoft s .NET Framework is a platform for building Windows- and web-based applications, components, and services by using a variety of programming languages. Figure 1-7 shows the stack of the .NET Framework.
Figure 27-5. Creating an e-mail signature saves you from having to type your contact
Figure 6-7. An example of the ClickOnce deployment manifest
Command-Option-P-R (until you hear two tones: Reset non-volatile RAM.
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