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Getting Your Tools
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Figure 3-5. The second client s output when calling a Singleton object
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The passwords will also be stored in clear text, which is not recommended for professional or production applications but will suffice for the exercise. You will learn how to add users with an encrypted password in the final section of this chapter. Therefore, you will utilize the FormsAuthentication.Authenticate() method to verify the credentials for the exercise.
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ldapsearch -h -x -a never -s base namingContexts
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You can alter the value to anything you want. Each time unit is five seconds, so 24 equates to 120 seconds (24 5 seconds) or 2 minutes. To set a time of 20 minutes, enter 240 (240 5 seconds). If you specify a number above 240, the time units are increased to 30 minutes. In other words, a value of 241 will equate to 30 minutes, a value of 242 will equate to 60 minutes, and so on.
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Figure 7 3. For each image, make sure to set Build Action to Content and Copy to Output Directory to Copy Always .
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for (int i = 0; i < nPlayer; i++) { // Check for a tie. if (i != leadingPlayer && players[i]->Score == players[leadingPlayer]->Score) { return -1; } } return leadingPlayer; } // Implement a pass move in which a player throws back a certain // number of her tiles and draws new ones. // Return true if successful. bool Pass(List<Tile^>^ workingTiles) { if (bag->Count != 0) { int code; // Get the desired tiles to replace to // the bag from the user. Console::WriteLine("Enter tiles to throw back: "); do { code = Console::Read(); wchar_t character = safe_cast<wchar_t>(code); Letter letter = Letter::_; if (character == safe_cast<wchar_t>(Characters::NEWLINE)) { Console::ReadLine(); break; } if (character == '_') { letter = Letter::_; } else if (Char::IsLetter(character)) { if (Char::IsUpper(character)) { letter = safe_cast<Letter>(character - 'A' + 1); } else // character is a lowercase letter. { letter = safe_cast<Letter>(character - 'a' + 1); } }
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namespace WinFormClient { public partial class Form1 : Form { public Form1() { InitializeComponent(); } private void button1_Click(object sender, EventArgs e) { try { WinGenItinerary.Service GenerateItinerarySrv = new WinGenItinerary.Service(); // call web method and store the result byte[] GenItineraryResult = GenerateItinerarySrv.GenerateItinerary(); // read through bytes arry and generate PDF file using (FileStream fs = new FileStream(@"c:\Itinerary.pdf", FileMode.Create)) { fs.Write(GenItineraryResult, 0, GenItineraryResult.Length); }
#!/bin/bash user="corpadmin" dscl . -create /Users/$user dscl . -create /Users/$user dscl . -create /Users/$user dscl . -create /Users/$user dscl . -create /Users/$user dscl . -create /Users/$user dscl . -passwd /Users/$user
Studio until you exit and reenter the SQL Server Management Studio.
Create a CSS document
As you might expect, the AVG aggregation returns the average value from the rowset of a column of data. All of the values are summed up and then divided by the number of rows that formed the underlying result set.
<array> <string>messenger</string> <string>proofing-tools</string> <string>danish</string> <string>dutch</string> <string>finnish</string> <string>french</string> <string>german</string> <string>italian</string> <string>japanese</string> <string>norwegian</string> <string>portuguese</string> <string>brazilian</string> <string>spanish</string> <string>swedish</string> </array>
By far, the best way of initially building up your contacts list is to right-click e-mail addresses at the head of messages, in Mail mode, and select Add to Addressbook. This will add a simple contact record consisting of the individual s name and e-mail address.
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