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Years ago I had the opportunity to attend a conference for a professional association. Until then, I had always thought of conferences as a place where people go to sit in a room and listen to lectures. The first sign I had that there was more to a conference was when I saw the vendors and their exhibits. I started to understand that there was more than just attending some boring lectures; there was a real energy at this event. People were not just learning; they were connecting. The conference was being put on by a professional association. My only knowledge of professional associations at that time was my being a member of a couple while in graduate school. Every student was enrolled in a couple of associations by default. That meant we got a monthly newsletter in our mailbox and that was about it. The only other members I knew were my fellow students. During this conference, I began to understand more about the benefits of joining a professional association. Being a member allowed people the opportunity to keep up to date on the latest trends in their industry. They were afforded endless networking opportunities; connecting, learning, and sharing with many other like-minded individuals. TIP: There is great strength in numbers; being a member of a professional association can give you great strength.
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Unfortunately, Open Directory is not supported, so if you re an all-Mac shop then you ll still be managing separate user and encryption passwords. The system does have support for other authentication schemes, such as Common Access Cards (CAC) or Personal Identity Verification (PIV), so if your environment currently utilizes such a scheme, SecureDoc should integrate well. From a technical standpoint, SecureDoc utilizes the familiar AES-256 bit, so the data itself is well protected on disk. Unlike its competitors though, SecureDoc has support for newer drives currently shipping on the market with built-in hardware encryption, such as the Seagate Momentus FDE line of drives. Utilizing hardware encryption can offload processing power from the system, and SecureDoc s support for this feature offers a leg-up over current competition. SecureDoc can also be utilized for encrypting removable media that is attached to a computer, such as an external hard disk or a thumbdrive. SecureDoc can be deployed to a single node, or to a fleet of nodes. If you re looking to engage in the latter, you ll likely want to deploy a SecureDoc Enterprise Server (SES), which provides a number of management and deployment capabilities that will make your life easier when trying to deploy the FDE system en masse. SES has full support for both Mac and Windows clients, and provides for platform-agnostic centralized management capabilities, which can be used for deployment and configuration of encryption identities/keys, security policies, and for provisioning user access. SES provides for centralized log collection, allowing for global auditing of security events. Lastly, the SES provides for remote password assistance capabilities. SecureDoc has had Mac support for a few years now, and has gained a decent reputation in this time frame, as the system is generally well regarded. Its support for numerous authentication schemes, such as Active Directory and CAC/PIV, along with its support for booting off of encrypted volumes, rank it among the more capable of Macfriendly FDE products.
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' Display output parameter Console.WriteLine( _ "The output parameter value is {0}", _ cmd.Parameters("@ordercount").Value _ )
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Mechanical Design
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Because we re creating an administrative user, we also need to add the account to the admin group. Here, we ll use the append dscl command rather than create because we re augmenting an existing key rather than creating one. We ll follow it with the relative path of the admin group and then the attribute that we ll be editing and finally
Creating User Profiles
Hosting a WCF Service in IIS
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NOTE: In general, any accessory should function as described in the preceding exercise. To create the actual hardware accessory to work with the iPhone and its software and applications requires the ability to design and develop commercial electronics circuits that are small, consume low power, and have a purpose. Let me restate that last one the device you are creating must have a purpose. When I was growing up, one of my coveted gifts for Christmas was a 101 Electronics Experimenter s Kit from Heathkit hobby electronics shop. I remember repeatedly tripping the breakers in the room where I had set up my laboratory. Nowadays I don t see too many kids with electronic kits and, for that matter, I don t see them for sale much either. But they are out there and so is the kind of talent to actually make these nifty little iPhone add-ons. Truthfully, it s much easier now than ever before for an amateur hobbyist to create the circuits that will contain the brains of tomorrow s million selling accessories. The guts of
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