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A package with just that script in it and no files to place into the file system is a payloadfree (given the lack of files) negative package and would remove data rather than adding it.
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You should consider the performance impact when using the MSMQ adapter. It is important to understand the volume and size characteristics of the messages you expect to receive via MSMQ, because they can significantly impact your BizTalk Server resources. You should pay particular attention to the following: Threading: BizTalk Server attempts to allocate threads to each MSMQ receive location as it polls its queue. Depending on how many messages are in the source queue, multiple threads may be allocated to each receive location. By default, the number of active threads allocated to the MSMQ adapter cannot exceed 25. If you have more than 25 messages being retrieved at any one time, it is possible to have latency. Memory allocation: As message batches are retrieved by MSMQ receive locations, they are stored in memory until they are written to the MessageBox. The larger these batches are, the more memory is allocated. To throttle the amount of memory used by the MessageBox adapter, you can use the Batch and Serial Processing properties. You can limit the number of messages in any given batch by setting the Batch property to a low value. You can also set the Serial Processing property to True, which limits the MSMQ receive location to retrieving a single message in each batch. Memory allocation is particularly important if you have implemented the large message extension for message queuing, which allows messages larger than 4MB in size to be handled by the MSMQ adapter. See the SDK example devoted to this topic for further information. It is important to understand the relationship of these configurations and the impact they have on system resources. The ideal configuration of threading, serial processing, and batch processing is specific to each BizTalk environment. Optimization should be part of the performance-testing phase for all solutions you deploy to your BizTalk Server environment.
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Debugging a Web Service Exception
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Step 2: Designing the Report Layout
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With URLLoader, image loading is effortless. The data format can be set to binary and the image data stream read in as an array of bytes. When all the bytes are streamed through, they are bound as the source of an image control. We use a component called FlexLoader in this example. FlexLoader is part of the BSD-licensed open source Yahoo! ASTRA Flash classes. The documentation is available at FlexLoader extends flash.display.Loader and overrides the toString method to show the location of the object in the display objects hierarchy. Although we used FlexLoader here and it s useful to know of the Yahoo! ASTRA classes, you could easily replace FlexLoader with Loader, and things will still work fine. The URLLoader class can actually load any binary data stream. As long as you have the encoder/decoder in place, you can use this feature without limitations. In Java web applications, a servlet could easily write binary data to an output stream. Such binary data can be consumed with ease using URLLoader.
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Figure 8-6. The project s bin folder contents after the build
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Searching for Software
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The following is a correct RSS 2.0 feed describing the authors web site, including the compulsory elements and some of the optional ones:
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Figure 11-3. Left outer join 7. To get around this problem, we can add a WHERE statement that will list those shares that do not have an item in ShareDetails.SharePrices. This is one method of achieving our goal. We will look at the other later in the chapter when we examine EXISTS. We know that when there is a missing share price, Price and PriceDate will be NULL. It is also necessary to know that Price cannot have a NULL value inserted in any rows of data. If it could, then we would need to use another method, such as EXISTS. SELECT s.ShareDesc,sp.Price,sp.PriceDate FROM ShareDetails.Shares s LEFT OUTER JOIN ShareDetails.SharePrices sp ON sp.ShareId = s.ShareId WHERE sp.Price IS NULL 8. This time we will only have three rows returned, as you see in Figure 11-4.
Security and Single Sign-On
By default, in a new Silverlight project, the root UserControl object is set to a width of 400 and a height of 300. In some cases, you may wish to set the width and height of your Silverlight application within the browser. At other times, however, you will want your Silverlight application to take up the entire window of your browser, and to resize as the browser is resized. This is done very easily within Silverlight. When you wish for the width and height to be set to 100%, simply omit the element s Height and Width attributes. As an example, the following source has been adjusted for the Canvas panel and the Silverlight application to take up the entire browser: <UserControl x:Class="FillBrowser.MainPage" xmlns="" xmlns:x="" xmlns:d="" xmlns:mc="" mc:Ignorable="d"> <Grid x:Name="LayoutRoot" Background="White"> <Canvas Background="Green"> </Canvas> </Grid> </UserControl> With the omission of the Height and Width declarations for UserControl and Canvas, when you run the Silverlight application, you will see that the canvas takes up 100% of the browser window, as shown in Figure 3-6. It will resize as the browser resizes.
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